Tuesday, December 12, 2006

happy happy, joy joy, kalat kalat!

Time out muna sa emote. =)


Finally, this term is almost over. One more final paper and I'm off to vacation mode. It's time to celebrate! Lots of Xmas parties ahead. Can't wait! =P


I'm seriously thinking of changing careers... soon. I'm getting awfully tired of numbers. Maybe it's time to practice my pambobola tricks and make a career out of it.


Gusto kong matutong magdrive... I really want to practice driving again. This was one of my to do's for this year. Problem is I'm too lazy to practice with stick shift. Maybe I can purchase an automatic. Haha. Wishful thinking!


Kalat kalat ang post na to. Pang-relax lang after a hectic day at work. I wish I can go to the spa again! Paging Badeti! =P