Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Pregnancy-wise, I'm now on my 35th week! The back pains, which used to be tolerable, is now becoming harder and harder to shake off. I would almost always have to put a hot pad on my back to temporarily relieve me of the pain. This is just a sign that delivery day is nearing already. During my last check up with my OB, she was telling me, "malapit na". Indeed, as early as in 2 weeks time, it's possible for me to deliver and our JB is considered not premature anymore. But I'm still hoping that I get to deliver near my due date (March 31, 2008) para hindi macount yung 2 days ng holy week as part of my maternity leave! Sayang ang holiday if counted sha dun e. Hehe.. =)

Nwy, we're almost complete with the baby things. The major thing we're lacking right now are those needed for feeding. I've been researching heavily about feeding bottles for the past weeks (last month I was obsessing about clothe diapers). I was initially bent on getting Avent brand for the feeding bottles. However, recent studies in the US showed that there's a high amount of Bisphenol-A (aka BPA) in those bottles which can be harmful for the baby. O diba, meron ng ganun? So I'm now switching my search on BPA-free bottles that are also anti-colic. Yeah. I know. Some words may seem gibberish here in my post. What can I say, my maternal side is kicking in somehow! =) I didn't know having a baby can be this complicated nowadays! Before, I used to think that you can get by with some blankets, feeding bottles, diapers and then you're all set. But there are just so many many to choose from and you'd have to research to weigh which ones you think are the best for your kid. I'm not complaining though. I'm glad to do all these mommy-chores for our brat. =)

It's funny that just about this same time last year, I've already lined up my summer activities. My google-search before is just all about travel, the beach, and the latest airline promos. To say that this year is different is an understatement. When I go online now, I go straight to the mommy forums where they talk about the latest "trends" in feeding bottles, diapers, breastfeeding, etc. Whenever I go to the mall, I'd go straight to the infant's section and scout for other things our baby needs. I don't even go to Kamiseta, Bayo and Forme anymore (something that used to be routinary.). Having a child indeed changes ones life. The girl who used to be kiti-kiti, is now a homebody. And will probably be a homebody for the next 3 months or so. Or up until my baby is strong enough to come with mommy on her travel adventures (like going to daddy's camp. haha!).

Staying at home most of the time meant being best buds with our TV. I've been updated on the latest happenings on the telenovelas on both Channel 2 and 7. Haha. And of course, the news which is starting to get irritating. The never ending saga of the ZTE scandal is becoming more of an extended soap opera with so many characters popping from out of nowhere. Enough with the drama already. Let's get to the point please. Show the evidence and pinpoint all the masterminds involved in this fiasco, sue them and then let's get on with our lives and really start showing the world that we're not just about rallies and booting our presidents from their post. Naumay na rin ako sa People Power concept. Haven't we all learned that it has gotten us nowhere. Sometimes I can't help but think that an authoritarian government is just what we need because we do not know how to be responsible with this freedom that we claimed 22 years ago from a dictator. Sorry, I got carried away.

On to non-political topics. I know I promised to post my latest lay out but my digiscrapping career was temporary halted since the laptop is with hubby right now. His current duties demand him to make powerpoint presentations. Kakaiba no? Typical military men carries big guns but my hubby carries a laptop. Haha. I don't want to give details about his current assignment though, as I might get sued for giving too much information. =)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

1st video!

You've seen JB's first pic. Take a look at his first video! =)

JB's 4D part 1

JB's 4D part 2

Thursday, February 7, 2008

1st pic!

J was able to come home last Tuesday night so we were finally able to do that "thing" we wanted to do since I turned 28 weeks. That is, a 3D4D ultrasound of our JB! I took a leave from office yesterday. So here are the adorable first pictures of our dear son.

cute cute smile!

masikip yata sa loob ng tummy ni mommy...

naiirita na ang anak namin

ayan umiyak na talaga!

The experience of seeing your baby up close is indeed an amazing experience. At first, his hands were covering most of his face. The sonologist did some shaking (which she told me is still safe for the baby because he's protected) to wake him up, he finally removed his hand from his face and he let daddy and mommy see him. He began crying shortly thereafter maybe because we disturbed his sleep. But after a while, after some pep talk from both me and the sonologist, he finally graced us with his smile and yawn! Aliw sobra! Even the sonologist was having a great time taking pictures of our boy. She told us that it's rare for her patients to have a really clear view of their baby. She was mentioning about more water that's why the pictures were clearer. Usually, she takes around only 40 images of the babies, but since naaliw sha kay JB, she took 95 pictures which made picking 7 pictures for print out a very hard ordeal. The sonologist was repeatedly telling us ang ganda ng baby namin. =) Well, what can I say. Hindi pa pinapanganak ang anak namin, marunong ng mag-pose sa camera. I wonder who he inherited this from? :P

We're now waiting for the DVD and the 2 colored pictures of the ultrasound. Hopefully, we can get it by next week so we can show the colored pictures to J's foster mom and dad when we head to Baguio. I will also upload the video in my multiply account once we get it.

I'm not really sure though who JB looks like, my mom and dad told us that he looks like J's mom and dad combined. But I say, he got his lips from J and the nose from me! Haha!

Monday, February 4, 2008

still here

I've been on blog hiatus for almost 3 weeks! But I've been online. I've just been hooked to a lot of forums regarding pregnancy, baby stuffs and what nots. Everything that concerns our precious JB. Since I'm a first time mom, I've been heavily researching on new born stuffs that needs to be purchased. J & I have actually started buying some of JB's things. We bought a crib 2 weeks ago and some basic clothing. When we tried to set up the crib in our room, I was more anxious than ever to hold our precious brat. Hehe. I really felt like a mom already! We still have a LOT of things to buy. I've already prepared a list of the things we need before JB comes out. It's quite tempting to purchase all the cute clothes that I see. But I have to stop myself and be practical that these clothes will be easily outgrown by our little boy. There are more important things to splurge on than clothes and those nice-to-have things.

I'm on my 32nd week and my boy is becoming more active than ever. Feeling ko lagi shang gising! J told me our baby is probably practicing taekwondo as early as now. Well, these taekwondo kicks are hurting mommy sometimes. Hehe. I've been staying at home most of the time because it's getting harder for me to move because of the heavy tummy. But I do hope to get a go signal from my OB to proceed with our Baguio plans next week. Ang tapang noh? Going on a 6-hour trip on my 33rd week! This might be the last out of town vacay I'll be having before JB's arrival.

As for my digiscrapping career. I think I'm making progress. I finished my 2nd LO using the tutorial from this website
. It's so helpful, I tell you. I've been learning a lot about Photoshop! Will post my latest LO on my next post.

I guess that's just about it. Will try to update as often as I can. =)