Friday, July 27, 2007


Yipee! It's friday once again. My favorite day of the workweek! =)


One of my payperpost post has already been approved, I'm now just waiting for them to approve the other post! Extra moolah for me! Yey!


I haven't blogged about how I've started enjoying my Business Law class. At the start of the term, every word uttered by my professor makes me woozy. But after we had our midterms, which was negotiation of contracts (we had to negotiate with the other group in front of the class), I started to appreciate that class. My law student friend actually told me that the applications of law are the ones that are really exciting. Indeed, I enjoyed my time defending our terms of agreement with the other party. I wonder if it's that exciting in real life negotiations.

The other reason why I'm starting to enjoy my classes are the corporate trivias that I'm learning from the stories of my professor. He knows a LOT of stuff that's going on in the corporate world and I actually find him really funny when he talks about his experiences as a lawyer.


I have been thinking of my September Palawan trip with tuknene. I can't wait! I miss riding planes and going to the beach and island hopping and the smell of sunblock on my skin! This trip will be a tipid trip though, imagine our budget will only be at 5,000 max! We have already laid out our plans for us to stick to that budget. Palawan here we come! =)


I'm off to Tagaytay tomorrow! At last! A very much needed out of town trip. It has become insanely hot here in Manila and the cold breeze of Tagaytay is just what I need. =) Hope everyone will have a great weekend as well!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


I'm a very impatient person. I hate waiting in long lines, traffic, slow services, etc. I always wanted things done FAST and done NOW. Unfortunately, this day tested my patience to the limits. This morning proved to be my "long exam" for patience. It was hard not getting my answers right away.

Today, I realized I should learn to wait. Wait for the right timing. Because not everything can be done at the time I wanted it and not all of my questions can be answered right away.

San ba kasi nakakabili ng pasensya? Ah, biscuit un diba? =) Na-phase out na yata.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

let me just rant..

Ever had a bad day but you really can't pinpoint which reasons are causing you to feel this crappy. Well today is that day...for me. I feel down and sad and angry and frustrated and heavy-hearted. In short, not so good feelings. I really hate it when days like these are here. Life is too short to sulk but today I just can't help but feel...hopeless. Of everything. Not that there are major reasons to feel hopeless or something (geesh! Am i making sense here?). Again, there are a LOT of things to be thankful for, however, the crappy things are the ones that are being highlighted today. I don't know why. Maybe I'm pms-ing. Ah, yes.. PMS. The answer to all those mood problems. I don't think I have felt like this in a long time. Maybe it's the idle time that I have right now that's causing this? For the past few months or so, my weekends have been fully booked. It was only now that I was forced to stay home for my full recovery of the flu that I had last week.

Well, last night I went out with my friends and it was fun having to meet up with them again but I couldn't enjoy it completely (read: no alcohol for the night) because of my fear of relapse so I just contented myself with iced tea and water and lots and lots of greasy food. hehe. But on this very sunny Sunday, I can't go out. I choose not to get out so I can be recharged for the upcoming week that will most likely be hectic.

I think I need another beach vacation. If my finances will just permit me, I'll go to Boracay in a heartbeat. But since I can't do that for now, let me just rant. And I do hope these negative feelings will disappear soon.

newbie postie

As I've mentioned earlier in my previous posts, I've signed up with payperpost, I've seen this from one of the blogs that I've read and when I checked out their website, it seemed really interesting. I mean, getting paid by just blogging about the things I love? Isn't that great? I've also read some testimonials from people who are already members of payperpost (well, they call their members postie) and I've heard a lot of good feedbacks from them. One of their top bloggers have already earned around $13,000++. Amazing, right? And all you have to do is just sign up and blog about the things you love.

And so I signed up and here I am blogging while earning money on the side. =) It's a wonderful opportunity since financial matters are really tight these days and we all need some extra moolah to splurge on those things that we love but sometimes couldn't afford because budget won't permit us to buy it. Payperpost is a great way to earn and it's like a part-time job. You don't even have to go to any office. Everything can be done via the internet. Hopefully, more posts will be approved from my blog so I can finally purchase that digital camera I have wanted for so long.

You too can earn by just blogging. Just click the link above or just refer to my sidebar and you can now start blogging while earning! =)

Friday, July 20, 2007

feeling a little better

After 2 days of being bed-ridden, I'm finally up and about and back at work! I'm still not fully well though. Last night, I experienced shortness of breath again. Today, I'm hoping that I'm really on my way to recovery. I haven't had any relapse in terms of fever so far today.

As SO pointed out last night, it's high time I take vitamins that are complete with nutrients. Para ngang nasa commercial sya while he was explaining to me the importance of vitamins. With my kind of lifestyle, he told me that it's not enough that I take vitamin C only. So from now on, since I don't want any repeat of what transpired the past 2 days, I will be taking complete vitamins and will vow to drink lots and lots of water.

It's weekend again! Time to rest and recharge! =)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

earning while blogging

As you can see in my previous post and in my sidebar, I have decided to also earn from blogging. Hehe. Times like these, we all need a little more sideline for extra cash right? So I decided to join Payperpost and try to earn a little by just blogging. If you also want to join just click on the link in my sidebar. I haven't earned anything yet as I've only started today and they have yet to approve the post that I've written below. If you want to know more of this opportunity just click on the link ok. =)

math tutors

I have always liked math. In fact, I took up BS Math when I was in college. I just hope my future kids will be able to acquire my ability on numbers. However, if they won't I'm sure that they will be able to enjoy learning math from math tutors. Their math program not only helps children in their problem solving skills but also teach them to be confident in their abilities. Their trained Academic Directors are all equipped to help children make math more fun and enjoyable for them.

Monday, July 16, 2007

despite being sick..

Here I am blogging my time away! hehe.. I'll get off the puter and rest as soon as I finish this post and as soon as I finished uploading pictures in my multiply account (see sidebar). I haven't been updating the photos section for a couple of months already.

Anyway, here's a text message sent a long time ago by a good friend which seemed appropriate last night and earlier this morning.. "One of the worst feelings in the world is having to doubt something you thought was unquestionable". Indeed, I had my bouts of confusion last night which spilled over when I woke up early this morning. There are no perfect situation. You just have to learn to deal with certain "circumstances" because you are left with no choice but to cope. I got scared of this certain "circumstance" (is there such a word?). And anxiety (and a little bit of irritation) just washed over me that the only solution I can think of was to get out. Fortunately, my good friend whacked me back to reality and a 1 hour talk with her convinced me that the solution I was thinking of is not the best solution yet. Another emo moment. Hehe. =)

I will now rest. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a healthier day for me! Gud night pips!

down with flu

For the nth time this year, I caught the virus again. The constant fatigue and lack of sleep might be the one causing my immune system to be so weak that it has become vulnerable to these sort of diseases. If I'm not mistaken, every month I've been having this viral disease. I'm so tired of the constant fever, colds every month! To think that I'm taking 1ooomg of vitamin c everyday! I do need some better time management so I can squeeze in some R&R activities.

Friday, July 13, 2007

magic night

image from

Last night, I joined the bandwagon and watched the 5th installment of harry potter. I actually enjoyed the movie despite the negative reviews I've heard (I know of one officemate who slept throughout the film). The reason I enjoyed it maybe because, first there aren't a lot of people watching at the Block in SM North and second, I've already forgotten what transpired in book 5. There's the suspense factor which kept me glued on the movie and since I've forgotten what I read, I wouldn't know if they deleted some of the good parts in the book.

The kids in the movie who used to be cute and small are now in their teen years and are growing up quite fast! I wonder how grown up they will be in Part 6. =) Anyway, the one scene that I particularly hate is (warning spoiler ahead!) the Cho Chang and Harry Potter's kissing scene. It kept me wondering whether they really kissed in the book or not. The scene is a put off in the movie and it somehow ruined my perception of Cho Chang. I mean, she was still supposed to be grieving of Cedric's death right? Bitter? =)

But still, I think my 130 pesos for this movie is still worth it. =)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

home improvements

By home, I mean my cyberhome. Hehe.. I'm now trying to improve my blogsite since I've somewhat announced of its existence in my friendster account. Previously, it was meant for a few eyes only but now I think it's about time that this blog takes the centerstage. Haha.. Kidding. Anyway, I've already added some new features in my sidebar. Check out my tagboard! Don't forget to leave a message ok. =)

Now, if only I can get to edit the lay out of my "about me" page element. I feel such a newbie to this html stuff. To think that I already have this blog since 2004! Anybody willing to teach this newbie on how to fix this site? =)

Saturday, July 7, 2007

quick post

I'm off to school in a short while. This is a make up session for our business law class since June 11 was declared a holiday. I realized from this class that I can never be a lawyer. Too much reading for my attention span of 5 seconds. haha.. So Faith, I'm leaving all the legal details of my future business to you! =)

Thursday, July 5, 2007


I've been meaning to write about a lot of things lately I just can't find the time to do so. Everytime I come home, I would always plan on blogging something but as soon as my back hits the comforts of my bed, I'm off to dreamland. So now I'm left with incoherent thoughts as I try to recall the things I want to blog about.

Anyway, I miss the beach! Yep, it's been a while. I think the last time I had a glimpse of my favorite place was when I was on our department planning session. I would love to go beach bumming again anytime soon!

I'm so sleepy. Will try to blog longer posts next time! Ciao!