Monday, November 27, 2006


What do you do when you suddenly lose the zest to do anything? When everything else seems gloomy and yet you don't know what the problem is?

I am lost.

I have a lot of things to be happy and grateful for. Yet I still manage to make myself depressed. I think my heart is already charging me for all the foolish things I did. It's payback time I guess. Or maybe that's not it. Maybe there are other things which I'm not aware of that's causing me to feel this way. I really don't know.

How I wish I can undergo the memory-erasing treatment similar to that of "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" movie.

Or use ctrl+alt+del. Reboot. Restart. Save the changes? No.

Monday, November 13, 2006

3 cm

This figure would have made a big difference in my life.

As I woke up this morning, I recalled my ultimate dream of traveling the world for free. My thoughts brought me back to that day when it took only 3 cm (or the lack thereof) to shatter that dream.

Owell. San ba pwedeng magpahatak? hehe..

Monday, November 6, 2006


One is enough, two is already too much and three is like... "what the hell are you thinking?".

I know the drill. I'm still in full control of my emotions. I don't ask anymore. I think I've acquired a new habit. A very, very bad habit.

Friday, November 3, 2006

the genie has been good to me

So far, every wish I made this year were granted. And with each wish coming to reality, I learn new lessons. Life is great.

"You are never given a wish without being given the power to make it come true"... amen to that!

Thursday, November 2, 2006

now i know why

Apparently, the fascination on military runs in the family.

My mom's first boyfriend is a member of the airforce.

Huwat? I almost fell off my seat... laughing.

She even told me that she so loves the military wedding rites!

She finds the sword thingie quite amusing.

So, will my mom's dream wedding come true?


Fat chance. :P

Or is it?