Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fountain of Youth

People often mistake me 5-7 years younger than my real age (I’m nearing my 30’s). Naks. Not to brag about it but I’m really flattered and they would often ask me what’s the secret to looking young. My secret – Galvanic Spa. Brad Pitt calls it wrinkle iron. Thanks to it, I look younger. It basically removes the signs of aging – wrinkles, sagging skin, uneven skin tone, it even worked on my stretchmarks! And as any mom can relate, it’s really frustating everytime you see those dreaded “battle scars”. I even thought of going to Belo before to remove these but thanks to Galvanic Spa, I can wear my two-piece swimsuit again! We all know how hectic life is these days. So many things to do, so little time! And this spa treatment is just what I needed for my busy lifestyle. It would only take 10 minutes of my time and I’m good to go. It’s like having a facial everyday right in my own home.

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You can research for Galvanic Spa in the internet yourself. So you’ll know what other people say about it. =)

If anyone has any questions about getting one or how it has effected my skin, I’d love to answer them. This can be also purchased online using a credit card anywhere in the world, so if you know of anyone who’s interested, let me know so I can assist. You can PM me here or you can reach me through my mobile at 0916-5316580 or email at


Berna Moldez

P.S. Buyers get a free demo too!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

goodbye blog

I created this blog way back 2004. It was initially meant for me to keep my ex-bf (who moved to foreign land that time) updated on what's happening in my life and it was a sort of outlet for me to release my frustrations of being in a long distance relationship then. Since that relationship didn't work, I revived this blog to be a travel blog where all my "makakating paa" adventures and moments will be kept. There was a time when I made a little income here in blogging. Although hindi ko na na-career ng todo.

This blog was also witness on how my life changed tremendously when I became a wife and a mother. I shared my son's growth... husband and I's love story... my recent journey. Most times, I was not able to update this blog as frequent as I want to. Updating a lot of accounts (I recently had to open new accounts for my business) now is proving to be a hard ordeal. And so I finally decided to keep all my personals (pictures, blogs, videos, etc.) in one account. That is, my multiply account.

Ang drama pa ng sinabi ko. Point is, my blog will now have a new home and I don't intend to cross-post (i'm not sure of the term) kasi OC ako. Gusto ko lang nasa isang lugar lahat. Haha. Ang babaw. To my blogger friends, see you in multiply. =)

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

baby steps

Another smilestone by our ever adorable son. Last night, I felt lucky to have witnessed this. JB was able to manage 3 small steps without clinging to any stationary object. Since it was too fast, the moment was not captured. Malapit lapit na kaming maghabol sa isang makulit na bata. :)

Monday, January 26, 2009

2008 holiday recap

I drafted this last Jan 6 and I only got to post this now. Hehe. Talk about super delay.

Happy 2009 everyone! As I have blogged before, the holidays had been pretty crazy.

What happened during the looooooong holiday?

As my multiply-mates know, I started vacationing early on in December. Hehe. I experienced paradise for 3 days! I have to blog about this as I had a very bad encounter with the Cebu Pacific staff! I'm never flying Cebu Pacific again (or at least try to!). From now on, PAL na talaga kami. Good thing we booked PAL for our Iligan trip. PAL's service is really very different from Cebu Pacific.

Anyway, we flew to Iligan December 21 and came back to Manila December 26. I have to say it has been an "explosive" vacation. If you've been following the news, bombs were planted everywhere in Iligan before Christmas. For our safety, we tried to avoid crowded places and churches! Ang hirap because it's Christmas. I wanted to go to their big church in the city there but no can do because of the bomb threats. Since we cannot frequent the malls, husband and I decided to do something productive. We applied for our driver's license! Hehe. Since Dec 22 is still a working day, we went to the satellite office of LTO there and getting our license proved to be a breeze. It also helped that father-in-law knew a lot of people working in LTO. Hubby took the opportunity of practicing his driving skills since there are relatively few cars in Iligan as compared to Manila. I, on the other hand, is contented that I have a license that can serve as my second ID. Prior to getting my license, I only have 1 ID kasi which has my married name on it. Now, it will be easy to open bank accounts. Uuuy, foresight!

We also celebrated hubby's bday last Dec 23 with his friends, his mistah, upperclass, and some of his dad's officemates. Come Christmas day, we decided to have some pool fun. We headed again to their famous Timoga pools. As in the past, JB doesn't want to be dipped in the water. Takot sa malamig na tubig!

We got back to Manila to another crazy schedule. 3 weddings were lined up during the last week of December. Nasuot na yata ni hubby lahat ng pwedeng isuot sa wedding--barong, suit and the semiformal polo. =)

New year's celebration was a blast! Relatives from my mom's side celebrated it with us. Ang daming kids sa bahay. We prepared for the celebration by buying party hats for the kids and party poppers (alternative to paputok). We woke JB up come 11:30 para nakapag-warm up na sha when the clock strikes 12. This was a far-cry from our new year's celebration last year in Fort Magsaysay (bawal paputok and we even shared medya noche with the commanding general which means proper behavior).

It was indeed a crazy holiday but of course, we had lots of fun! Never mind if we went over our budget with all the miscellaneous expense a holiday brings. I'm thankful that husband got to go on vacation for 1 month. This has been the longest we've been together so far. Masmahaba pa to kesa sa paternity leave nya before. Because of this long break, we got to seriously talk of our long-term plans. J agreed with me that business is really the way to go if we want to spend more time as a family.

Sana holiday na lang palagi!


I've been neglecting this blog for the longest time. My 2008 year-end update is still in draft. I just came back from a week-long leave from the office. My aunt died last Jan 16 and the whole family went to my mom's hometown in Anda, Pangasinan to bring my tita's remains there. To all those who prayed for her and our family, thank you very much! It was indeed a very tough time for all of us especially to her husband and the 4 young children she left behind. She's only 38. I can still remember spending New Year's eve with her and her whole family. It was the first time we celebrated it together, little did we know that it will be the last.

Anyway, I'll be posting my super late 2008 holiday stories.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Busy Bee

I'm still alive! Been extremely busy with a lot of stuffs. I have yet to post my entry regarding what transpired during the looong holidays and my 2008 round up. I still have pending photos to post in multiply. I still have to prepare for JB's birthday this March (I've started last year pero naudlot because of some pressing issues). I have to prepare for the changes that will soon be happening in our lives. Change is good. And we're welcoming the initial discomfort that goes with this change. After all, this will do us good in the long run. No, we won't be living on our own. JB is the only thing that keeps my parents and titas happy. I won't take him away from them.

I will be back with a longer post. The bee has to keep buzzzzing.