Friday, March 28, 2008

our baby has arrived!

jakob benjamin gutierrez moldez

Born March 25, 2008 7:04 pm via normal delivery. 6.12 lbs, 50 cms.

The reason that I still have time to blog and upload pictures now is that JB is still in the nursery, recovering from the circumcision done to him. As much as I would like for him to experience circumcision when he's much older, the pediatrician told us that JB's penis' opening is small and not removing the extra skin now could become a problem when he's already on his 5th or 6th month since this may cause him urinary tract infection. J and I immediately decided to let him undergo circumcision upon seeing that the opening is indeed small as compared to other babies. The resident pedia told us that we may be able to bring home JB tomorrow.

Anyway, up until now I still can't believe that I have given birth. Kakaibang experience pala talaga ang manganak. I labored for 20 hours but seeing JB was worth all the pain and the long wait. I have to give a lot of credit to my ever loving hubby who was able to keep everything together. Just like how he was during our wedding (where he absorbed all the stress para maging stress-free ako on our big day), he took care of everything and I sure am lucky to have such a responsible husband especially during critical times. I am truly grateful to the Lord for giving me and my family this much blessing. Hay naku. And dami ko pang kwento. I'll give details of how D day went in my next post. For now, pictures na lang muna. =)

first picture

right after delivery

hanggang tingin lang muna si daddy

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

things to do

Eversince I got pregnant, I had to postpone some of the things I wanted and needed to do that were lined up last year. And so I'm listing it down as I might forget after I give birth. Baka maging malaki ang epekto sakin ng anesthesia. :)

1) Continue my MBA studies.
I'm only 1 subject short of taking the core subjects. I'm also thinking of switching to Ateneo because they have fewer subjects there and it would only take me 1 more year to finish (granted that all my subjects taken in DLSU will be credited).

2) Practice driving.
With the baby's arrival, commuting could be such a hard ordeal. And I don't want to always rely on somebody to drive me.

3) Go on that long overdue vacation.
We already have tentative plans on how to go about this. But I don't want to put the details into writing just yet. Baka maudlot. With my husband's line of work, hindi uso ang pagpaplano. You have to be a spontaneous person to make the relationship work. Kidding! Pero seriously... in my experience, 95% of the time our plans never really push through. But we do have things in mind on what to do but no timeline is involved so as to avoid frustrations.

There. Tatlo muna. I have a lot of adjustments to do after the baby comes out so I'm keeping my list short. =)

Have a blessed holy week everyone!

Monday, March 17, 2008


...but not quite.

Hehe. I had my first bout of false alarm this morning. Woke up with a weird feeling in my abdomen accompanied by a slight lower back pain. "Could this be it?". The pain is tolerable but it was uncomfortable enough to not shake off. I immediately texted the office that I might not be able to report to work. I wasn't in panic mode yet, nor was I nervous. I was actually anticipating the contractions sometime in the latter part of the day. After sleeping again for about an hour, I woke up with no pain whatsoever in any part of my tummy or lower back. Oh well! I guess JB is giving me a dry run on what's supposed to happen in the very near future. Hehe. Nakakapraning pala to noh? I'm sure giving birth is just like finding your true love... You will experience it in the most unexpected time. Nyahahaha!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

choose your own adventure

Ever heard about that book? I used to love reading that with my seatmate back in elementary days. For those who don't know it, it's a book where you actually choose what you want to happen in the story to come up with different endings. The reader is given 2 (or is it 3?) choices on what he wants to happen. Anyway, I was talking with my best buds last Sunday and we were contemplating about the decisions we have made in the past. We've come to realize certain points in our lives where we thought we were just making minor decisions but turned out to be life-changing for us.

Don't get me wrong, I don' regret anything. I've been blessed more than I can ever imagine. But wouldn't it be nice if we can somehow just take a peek of how our lives would be, had we decided otherwise. Silip lang. Because I know that whatever is happening right now is what's best and is part of God's grand plan for me.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I'm next...

I received two good news this week. Paul (a former classmate in SMCQC) announced last Monday that his wife (Hi Mai!) gave birth to baby Asher last Sunday and just yesterday, I was again told of another angel born. My officemate Cindy gave birth to a healthy baby David last Monday. They're approximately 3 weeks ahead of my due date which means in about 3 weeks time, it will be my turn. I've been given lots of advice from my officemates on how to make my birthing and recovery easy. I have yet to find out my tolerance level when it comes to pain.

Baby JB, however, seems to be clinging dearly to my tummy. He hasn't descended yet. Everyone is commenting that my tummy is still high considering that I'd be giving birth this month. I guess I need to start walking.

Hay. Malapit na talaga. =)

Monday, March 3, 2008


Surprise # 1: Hubby texted me early Thursday morning requesting me to open our front door because he's waiting outside. I was half-awake then and I can't make sense of his text. He can't be here in Manila. He never comes home unannounced. Plus, before we ended the night, I knew he was in camp with his boss. So I replied and asked him, "which house?". Haha. Nagduda pa noh? Baka wrong send kasi. True enough, when I opened the door, he was there (still groggy from the early morn travel). Turns out, one of his upperclass in the batallion asked him if he would like to go to Manila since this upperclass will be running some errands here. They left camp at around 2:30 in the morning. Yey! I can't believe it! And it's not weekend yet!

Surprise # 2: My officemates asked me way way before to reserve Feb 29 but no further details were divulged to me. I already had an idea what this was about but up until we arrived in Ayala station night of Feb 29, I didn't know where the baby shower will be held. Then they texted us to proceed to Music21 in Jupiter St. I was shocked to know that we'll be singing the night away. =) When we arrived at the venue, I was even more surprised. The room was decorated with balloons and there were LOTS of food served. They even came up with a theme. They were all dressed in preggy outfits. Well, I didn't notice it until they pointed it out to me. Hehe. JB received lots of gifts from his titas. Hubby and I were really really touched by this gesture from them. Eventhough I knew that they are giving me a baby shower, I didn't know that they are going all out! =) You see, JB is one of the first babies in our office barkada. And they are all excited of his arrival. Thanks guys! Really! Speechless kami ni hubby. =)