Tuesday, June 26, 2007

still here

Still alive but work is up until my neck. School work is demanding a lot of my time lately as well. I hardly have to time to just stop and smell the flowers. Hehe.. Sleeping has become a luxury these past few weeks. I realized I only have 2 free nights in one week. That is, Tuesdays and Thursdays, and I like to spend these nights with my girlfriends so there are really no room to just slack off and bum around doing nothing. I need to manage my time better lest I want to turn into a zombie with my eyebags.

I can't make this long. There are tons to do with so little time. I'll come up with a better post next time. =)

Monday, June 18, 2007


Just got back from Cabanatuan. Tired but happy. Ang masasabi ko lang... magpapatayo ako ng Starbucks sa Nueva Ecija! I was craving for a chocolate cream today and so we thought of finding a Starbucks nearby. I texted a friend of a classmate who's from Cabanatuan and told me (to my surprise and dismay) that there's no Starbucks in the city. Huwat? Wala rin coffeeshop dun sa mall. Kaya baka pumatok ang business if ever magpatayo ako ng coffeeshop dun.

Speaking of business, I'm planning to venture into a business of some sort. Secret muna what it is. If things go right on the planning side, we just might go full scale next year. =) I'll reveal once everything is settled. I just hope the energy and will power that we have right now to venture into this business will not diminish after a few months. Exciting!

I also have one more sideline. Hehe. Investment naman un. I'll also let you guys know if it's ok (i just started with the investment) para sama sama tayong magkaron ng extra moolah! Pang-lakwatsa. Yey!

That's it for now. I just got home from a 3 hour trip and here I am blogging my time away. Hehe.. I still have readings for Business Law that I have to read. Lagot. Recitation pa naman un. It's time to sleep. Ciao!

Sunday, June 17, 2007


Instructions: Each player starts with 7 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged need to write on their own blog about their seven things, as well as these rules. At the end of your blog, you need to choose 7 people to get tagged and list their names. Don't forget to leave them a comment telling them that they have been tagged and to read your blog!

tagged by faith

1. kaladkarin ako.. take me anywhere and i'd be willing to tag along

2.lakwatsera to the core. malapit ko ng malibot ang pilipinas. =) exag!

3.i love the beach but i don't like getting dark.

4.i've already conquered the mountains and i want to try scuba diving next.

5. i love to hang out at starbucks but i don't drink coffee. tall chocolate cream for me!

6. i'm an only child

7. but i'm not a brat

i tag kharol, kiel, nica, roger, reish and lala

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

off from work

I've been having neck pains since yesterday and I even have a small lump right under my left jaw. I was initially thinking alaxan will eventually make this go away but come late last night, I was already chilling with fever. I got alarmed and was asking everybody if this lump is mumps (beke). My tita was actually inisisting it is. And to further add to my dilemma, she had been stressing that beke will make me infertile. Huwat? I refuse to believe that and so I called my ever reliable friend with regards to the medical field (thanks Kharen!) and asked her if it was true. Apparently, it only applies to guys. Oops! So if ever I did have mumps, I can bid farewell to my weekend plans with J.

And so with still a slight fever, I begged off from work today and proceeded to see the doctor with my mom. I just heaved a sigh of relief when upon seeing the lump, the doctor's questions geared towards colds and tonsilitis. Apparently, the lump was too low to be mumps. A few weeks ago, I already had the worst case of tonsilitis and the company doctor advised me to take antibiotic for 1 week. When I was feeling a little better during the 3rd day, I stopped taking the meds. My druggist friend told me not to do that. The reason the doctor advised me to take it for 1 week is to make sure the bacteria will be completely gone because if my sickness reoccurs, the bacteria would now have antibodies for that medicine. So now, I am paying the price of my previous actions. The bacteria is still there and it caused this lump to form in my neck. The doctor gave me antibiotics again and this time, I swear, all 14 tablets will be consumed in a week. =)

Why am I still smiling despite being sick? Because it's not mumps! Because tonsilitis is better to deal with than to stay 1 week at home doing nothing so as not to contaminate anyone else. And this also means, weekend plans are still pushing through and the loads of work waiting for me at the office would not have to wait 1 week before it's done.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

renewing ties

After J's 3 month extended vacation. He's now in Nueva Ecija undergoing yet another training before going to the real battlefield. Since I now have so much time in my hands, I tried to put my life back together again. Not that it was ruined when J was here. I somehow set aside other aspects of my life just so I can maximize my time with J. When he was here, I almost always leave the office by 5:30. Leaving me with too much pending work. So I went to the office last saturday to make up for that. I still have a lot of things to do but I'm now trying to accomplish those one by one.

Next thing I did was to bond with my girl friends again. Bonding time with them was also cut off because of everyday dating and weekends spent together with J. I still got to see them every once in a while during the past 3 months but it's not the same girl talk whenever our SO's are around. So, first thing I did was to meet up with my friend and spent the night in their house. Something I haven't done in ages.

With all the activities lined up for me and with all the plans waiting to be executed, this somehow lessens my loneliness and it's quite healthy that things are happening this way. My negative feelings are being translated to positive things. Which is good. For me and, I think, for our relationship. I realized I learned my lesson. The lesson that took a lot of tears. I can now see it's purpose. =)

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

on goodbyes, changes and new beginnings...

J and I were talking last night about his new life when he reports to his division. I can sense that he's a bit sad about it although he doesn't want to show it. I feel for him. I know that it will be a different story as compared to their life in PMA. Gone are the days of just worrying about duties, demerits, touring hours and what nots. J have always been telling me that life is indeed easier as a cadet. Although there's no freedom when you're inside the academy, everything is taken cared of when you're there. After their graduation, they were finally freed from the rules inside PMA but it also meant being responsible for everything that you do with that freedom. It also meant looking after yourself as there will be no tac-o's, commandants, instructors to look after your every move from then on.

Getting deployed also meant separation from his mistah (term they use for their batchmates). After 4 years of being together 24/7 inside the academy, they will now be distributed across the country. Just the thought of it saddens me. I even joke him na ako yung nalulungkot para sa kanya. Goodbyes are always difficult. Though I know J had already set his mind that this will happen eventually, I can feel his sadness when he talks about his mistahs leaving the barracks to go to their assignments. Ako pa nga yung naiiyak. I've somehow got to bond with some of his mistahs over the past couple of months. I've been with them in out of town trips and occassional dinners and gimiks. I had a glimpse of what they were like and how bonded they are with each other. For that short time I was with them, I can say that I'm going to miss them... how much more for J. But he (and all of his batchmates) don't have a choice but to move on. This bittersweet phase will soon be replaced by the reality that lies ahead. The reality that I'm having difficulty getting to terms with.

As the cliche goes, for every ending there's always a beginning. They will now be beginning their life as junior officers of the Philippine Army. Challenging is an understatement to describe their line of work. Nevertheless, I have faith in them that they would be responsible officers of our country. To the Maragtas Class, good luck! Make us proud! =)

Monday, June 4, 2007

after you go...

I can catch up on my reading... After you go, i'll have a lot more room for sleeping... and so the song goes.

No. We're not breaking up. He's just bound for deployment anytime soon and it's causing me this big rock down my throat. I can't help but get teary eyed every once in a while. I know I have to be strong. For him and more especially for myself. I've been through this. I should know the drill. We will only be 3 hours apart. Last time I was in the same dilemma, the separation meant 1 year of not seeing each other. This time, it SHOULD be easier. But it's not.

The thought that I've been setting aside for the past 3 months is slowly happening. If only there's a guide book on how to survive being a soldier's girlfriend. It pains me that his line of work will entail a lot of risks. I don't know if I'm ready for that. I should have known this the moment I decided to commit to him. I thought I was ready but when reality slowly dawns on you, it bites. Hard. Harder than I thought.

I am grateful though. For the 3 months that we spent together without any restrictions on going back to the barracks by 10 pm. Or restrictions on going to the mall. We were able to do things that normal couples do. Go on dates. Watch movies. See each other after work. Spend weekends together. Go on fights personally and not just through phone calls. It should have only been 2 months break but the elections proved to be a blessing in disguise resulting to an extended stay in Fort Boni.

We are now facing the hard truth. That he'll be fighting for the good of the country anytime soon. I am proud of what he does but it scares the hell out of me everytime I think about it. So we decided that everytime he'll be on an operation and will not be able to contact me, I will just think that he's just on duty. Just like his PMA days when he can't text during classes.

This will be a whole new battle. Let's see what will happen this time.

Friday, June 1, 2007

bad day

I'm starting to hate this day. And we're only half way through. Everything about this day is just plain (pardon the word) irritating. Maybe it's the gloomy weather or my approaching pms.

I want to do a lot of things. New things. Maybe this time I'm completely tired of being in my comfort zone. It's time to test new waters once again. After all, life won't be exciting without these "take life" activities every once in a while.

Changes will be happening. Soon.