Sunday, April 27, 2008

hi everyone!

Baby is asleep. So here I am, finally having enough energy to write an entry. This won't be long though as I have to wake the little brat for his daily bath. So what's up? The past month has been insanely flooded with extremes. Extreme happiness, sadness... I will try to write a separate entry on my experience as a first time mom. I have yet to organize my thoughts at the moment.

Baby JB is doing fine. He is growing up so fast and is now very active. My sleeping habit is slowly adjusting to his. Hopefully when I get back to work, there will be less 3 am feedings. Hehe. I wish! Lately, he is asleep during the night until morning.. wakes up in the afternoon and stays awake until around 10 in the evening. This is actually good as I get a good night sleep. Sana hindi ko mabati at biglang mag-iba ang sleeping pattern ng anak ko. =)

There. I will post JB's recent pictures when I download them later. I have to go, it's bath time! =)