Tuesday, August 7, 2012

State of the Nation Address 2012 Philippines

State of the Nation Address

July 23, 2012 – another memorable day of the year. This was the day when President Aquino delivered his SONA to the Congress of the Philippines at the Batasang Pambansa Complex in Quezon City. Citizens from all over the country witnessed this much awaited event of the year. Government officials and guests were also ravishingly dressed to witness the event. Of course it is not so surprising to see rallies everywhere during this day.

President Aquino delivered a speech consisting of 8890 words and he got interrupted 120 times for
applauses. His SONA this year really outnumbered the applauses he got from last year. He got 29 during his first SONA and 48 during his SONA last year. He still failed to top the record of former president Gloria Macapagal who got 126 applauses during her SONA way back in 2009. But the sudden burst of applauses meant a lot to everyone because it simply states that for the two years he has been serving the country, he is doing quite a good job.

When he talked about the “Responsible Parenthood Bill” or the much known RH Bill, he got the longest and loudest applause. Some of the officials there also gave him a standing ovation for that.

"Forgive and forget na lang ba para sa mga naulila ng limampu't pitong biktima ng masaker sa
Maguindanao? Maibabalik ba sila ng forgive and forget?" Aquino said. This was another part of his
speech where he was overwhelmed with applauses.

President Aquino had made at least 7 drafts before he got his speech done.

SONA 2012 on GDP

SONA 2012 on GDP

The State of the Nation Address is an annual requirement that every president of the Philippines should comply to. It is required to be done every fourth Monday of July. Last Monday (July 23, 2012), President Aquino delivered his third SONA to the Congress of the Philippines at the Batansang Pambansa Complex.

He got applauded 120 times which was really a greater number than his previous SONA applauds.
His speech was 8890 words. President Aquino’s speech this year was criticized both positively and
negatively by a lot of officials and citizens of the country. He gave numbers that were questioned by
some officials. They even wanted to have a research on the numbers and data that the president stated.

“Nitong first quarter ng 2012, ang GDP growth natin, 6.4 percent; milya-milya ang layo niyan sa mga
prediksyon, at pinakamataas sa buong Southeast Asian region;” Aquino said. This was one of his data
statements that received tons of criticisms from everyone that is concerned.

But if you will get to analyze the numbers, 6.4% growth is already a huge number. For a country with
millions and millions of people, that is already considered as a good growth change. Take yourself as
an example, there are things that you want to change from yourself but it gives you a hard time in
accomplishing it. So what more if you have to change millions of people? Every Filipino plays a vital role in this country. President Aquino’s speech consists of things that he wants for the betterment of the country. If every citizen will get to support him, he might as well report greater growth change. Let us all do our part in this country and not just criticize everything that the President says or does. If you want change, let is start within yourself.

PBB Teens Myrtle and Yves

Myrtle Sarrosa of Iloilo City was named as the PBB Teen Edition Big Winner last July 8, 2012. Of course, it did not stop there. Almost everyone was intrigued when all of them were still inside the house because of the love teams that were dramatically born. The big winner, Myrtle, and Yves Flores became one of the most intriguing couple trends in the showbiz industry. It all happened when they started sharing glimpse and sweet doings to each other inside the PBB house that really made teenager fans scream for more. They are one of the PBB teen couples that really got overwhelming criticisms from a lot of people.

The tensions, because of Kim, made their love team more intense than ever. Their love story inside the PBB house was really awaited every day and night by their fans and a lot of teenagers.

Their venture as a love team did not stop after the big night. Even until now, you can see both of
them together in different talk shows and TV programs. It is like wherever you will see Myrtle, you will eventually see Yves and vice versa. The sweet ambiance of their togetherness really became a hit.

Filipinos always love combining names of couples as sign of love teams and as for them, the
combination “MyrVes” was born. Unsurprisingly, they always get a spot in the trending topics in twitter almost every single day after the big night. Their love team is really talked about by a lot of people and even celebrities.

Though they are still young, they know their limits very well. That is one of the reasons why they
decided not to go steady in real life. Myrtle and Yves is undeniably one of the most intriguing and talked about couples this year. They are still young at heart and have a long journey ahead of them but who knows? They might end up being together in real life in the right time.

Myrtle and Yves – PBB power couple

The love team of PBB Teen Edition Big Winner, Myrtle, and ex-housemate Yves Flores which is also known to teenagers and fans as “MyrVes” has still been one of the trending topics in today’s showbiz
industry. Even though their love team has received tons of criticisms, they are still tagged as the PBB
power couple of this year certainly because they have more supporters than haters. Their love team
name “MyrVes” always grabs a spot in the trending topics in twitter which even trends worldwide most
of the time!

These two young adults are always seen together everywhere, from TV talk shows even to public
places. Their love team really brought spice inside the PBB house. Lots of intriguing moments happened including the appearance of Yves Flores’ ex-girlfriend, Kim Balot. The two young ladies were seen crying inside the PBB house and Yves was really troubled in the situation he is in. A lot of people got confused and posted criticisms on different social networking sites. It is good to know that they got to fix those issues despite of the tension inside the PBB house. Although their love team went through ups and downs, their couple cuteness is still standing strong until now. They are the teenage crowd’s best bet from all of the PBB teen couples.

Myrtle and Yves were last seen on television as guests in Vice Ganda’s show, Gandang Gabi Vice. Lots of compromising and sweet questions were thrown to both of them. One of the memorable questions was when Vice Ganda asked Myrtle why she never had a boyfriend. Myrtle stated that she is focusing more on important stuffs and then a very sweet question was thrown to Yves. Vice Ganda asked Yves if he will still court Myrtle despite of the statement she just made and Yves sweetly answered “Yes” and when asked how long, answered “Forever”. The crowd went wild after hearing those words.

Batman: The Dark Knight Rises

Batman: The Dark Knight Rises

Over the years, Batman has been loved by people of all ages from all over the world. Batman started as
a superhero in comics and then brought to the movie industry by director Christopher Nolan. Although
there are rumors that he will not be directing another batman movie anymore, still the audience goes
wild for more.

The movie itself heightened the audience’s craving and surpassed their imaginative expectations.

It became a hit from the first day it was shown in cinemas and until now. Bruce Wayne rested for 8
years in the trilogy and the appearance of his new villains and allies was completely immersing for all
the fans. The graphics and cinematic effects were all outrageously astonishing. It was a movie that
will put you right into the heart of the action. If you have watched the movie, you can really say that
they worked extra hard to capture their audience’s feeling for the last time. The movie was really an
epic one that it received standing ovations. Fans are still hoping that Christopher Nolan would still do
another batman movie although the batman saga has ended. Of course, it doesn’t mean that director
Christopher Nolan’s career is only tied with Batman. He had also made other great movies like Memento and Inception. Let’s just wait and be surprised of other movies that he will be directing, it will surely be a hit like his award-winning movies before.

If you still haven’t watched it yet, you still have the chance! Head down now at your favorite cinemas. Batman: The Dark Knight Rises is still showing.

The Dark Knight Rises

Before the movie has been shown in cinemas, it has already become one of the most criticized movies
this year worldwide. The Dark Knight Rises, a sequel movie of the comic superhero Batman, has received positive criticisms from widely known movie critics. They all had nothing but positive and great words for the movie directed by Christopher Nolan. Their positive reviews became widespread in social networking sites like twitter and facebook which have led to Batman fans be very excited for the movie.

The Dark Knight Rises even received a standing ovation during the movie’s press screening! No wonder the movie is still trending until now.

Unfortunately, Christopher Nolan already stated on one of his interviews that he won’t be directing
another batman movie. Fans were upheld with sadness but were seen with joyful eyes as they leave
happily and satisfied after watching the movie. A lot of critics have been saying that the movie
surpassed their measures and that it was the best movie of the batman trilogy.

The Dark Knight Rises was really a very immersing experience for fans because this is the part of the
trilogy where Bruce Wayne will meet new villains Selina Kyle and Bane who have been on the crusade to beat up Batman and destroy the whole Gotham City. It is also the part where new allies will come, Catwoman, Lucius Fox and Commissioner Gordon. So much for the spoilage. If you still haven’t watched the movie yet, The Dark Knight Rises is still showing at your favorite cinemas all over the Philippines! See the movie yourself and get to be amazed with the brilliant effects and story of this movie.