Tuesday, November 9, 2004

11th monthsary

today is a day of firsts.. first time namin di icecelebrate together ang aming monthsary (di man namin macelebrate on the day itself, binabawa namin on some other days).. first time na more than 1 week ko na shang di nakikita... first monday ko sa pinas na wala sha... i still have approximately 55 more weeks till i see him again.. 1 year ain't that long! look at us.. 1 year na kami in a months time.. bilis diba! parang kumurap lang ako, tapos one year na kami! ü and before, i thought that 3 months is already long for 2 people to stay together..hehehe.. dati rin di ako naniniwala sa long distance relationships.. fate has it's way of teaching me lessons in life.. ü

have to go back to work.. have to convince myself to work.. otherwise, matatambakan na ko ng trabaho.. sana ma-feel ko naman ang fulfillment sa trabahong to. i gotta love my work!!

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