Thursday, March 1, 2007

summer's here!

Yipee! I'm not really a fan of basking in the sun and getting a tan (well, for obvious reasons.. di naman ako ganun kaputi! haha) but I do love the beach and I love seeing the beach in it's full glory during summer season! And since it's the first day of March, I can't help but feel giddy on all those upcoming outings! I haven't purchased a new swimsuit yet. I better get one soonest lest prices go sky-rocketing come April.

One of my personal goal each year is to go somewhere I've never been to. Last year, I went to 2 new places. Cebu and Bohol. This year, I'm really targetting on finally stepping on the sands of Boracay. Most of my officemates are actually surprised whenever I tell them I haven't been in that glorious beach. Sa sobrang lakwachera ko daw kasi, dapat yun daw ang beach na inuuna ko! =P So, I'm really setting my eyes on a Bora (lagot ako kay Mo!) get-away this summer. Me and my high school friends are now scouting for cheap packages. We are setting our maximum budget to 15k (all-in). It would be better if we can lower that to 10k but this could mean "de lata" meals all through out our stay. haha!

I'm really excited! Plus, I'd have a looooong vacation before I start my classes again for next school year. Isn't that great?! Summer here I come!

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jishinka said...

Omigod! My friend and I are actually planning a bora trip din...Mejo tight talaga sa budget. Pero kaya yan...Exciting.

I branded myself as a beach-o-phobic but I just realized recently that I do love it as well...Pictures included. Hahaha! =)