Thursday, February 7, 2008

1st pic!

J was able to come home last Tuesday night so we were finally able to do that "thing" we wanted to do since I turned 28 weeks. That is, a 3D4D ultrasound of our JB! I took a leave from office yesterday. So here are the adorable first pictures of our dear son.

cute cute smile!

masikip yata sa loob ng tummy ni mommy...

naiirita na ang anak namin

ayan umiyak na talaga!

The experience of seeing your baby up close is indeed an amazing experience. At first, his hands were covering most of his face. The sonologist did some shaking (which she told me is still safe for the baby because he's protected) to wake him up, he finally removed his hand from his face and he let daddy and mommy see him. He began crying shortly thereafter maybe because we disturbed his sleep. But after a while, after some pep talk from both me and the sonologist, he finally graced us with his smile and yawn! Aliw sobra! Even the sonologist was having a great time taking pictures of our boy. She told us that it's rare for her patients to have a really clear view of their baby. She was mentioning about more water that's why the pictures were clearer. Usually, she takes around only 40 images of the babies, but since naaliw sha kay JB, she took 95 pictures which made picking 7 pictures for print out a very hard ordeal. The sonologist was repeatedly telling us ang ganda ng baby namin. =) Well, what can I say. Hindi pa pinapanganak ang anak namin, marunong ng mag-pose sa camera. I wonder who he inherited this from? :P

We're now waiting for the DVD and the 2 colored pictures of the ultrasound. Hopefully, we can get it by next week so we can show the colored pictures to J's foster mom and dad when we head to Baguio. I will also upload the video in my multiply account once we get it.

I'm not really sure though who JB looks like, my mom and dad told us that he looks like J's mom and dad combined. But I say, he got his lips from J and the nose from me! Haha!


kiel said...

wow! beautiful pictures!
excited ang mga first time parents :)
where did you have these done?

berna said...

sa in my womb. =) dahil dun sa ultrasound mo before, nasama ung in my womb sa mga choices ko. =) ang mamahal kasi ng 4D sa hospitals. pinaka-ok na ung package nila sa lahat ng pinagtanungan ko.

Mai said...

hi Berna! Mai here (Paul's wife). It was nice meeting you yesterday at the hospital :) I agree, kaaliw talaga seeing your baby doing his antics kahit na nasa loob pa lang ng tummy through the 3d4d ultrasound. We also had it last Jan sa In My Womb din. Sa sobrang pagka-aliw ko, nagkastiff-neck ako kasi nakatingin lang talaga ako sa screen, unmoving. I could say na parang mas hawig mo si Baby JB. :) Take a peek sa Baby A namin..naku I'm sure you'll agree na carbon copy siya ni Paul :)

anna said...

hi berna! :) galeng! cute ng pics ng baby niyo :) congratlutaions ulit :) lapit na.. :)

berna said...

hi ana! thanks! lapit na nga e. nakakainip na talaga. =)

btw, heard about your baby. In God's time, He'll give you your precious little one. May angel na kyo ngayon to watch over you and your hubby.