Thursday, February 12, 2009

goodbye blog

I created this blog way back 2004. It was initially meant for me to keep my ex-bf (who moved to foreign land that time) updated on what's happening in my life and it was a sort of outlet for me to release my frustrations of being in a long distance relationship then. Since that relationship didn't work, I revived this blog to be a travel blog where all my "makakating paa" adventures and moments will be kept. There was a time when I made a little income here in blogging. Although hindi ko na na-career ng todo.

This blog was also witness on how my life changed tremendously when I became a wife and a mother. I shared my son's growth... husband and I's love story... my recent journey. Most times, I was not able to update this blog as frequent as I want to. Updating a lot of accounts (I recently had to open new accounts for my business) now is proving to be a hard ordeal. And so I finally decided to keep all my personals (pictures, blogs, videos, etc.) in one account. That is, my multiply account.

Ang drama pa ng sinabi ko. Point is, my blog will now have a new home and I don't intend to cross-post (i'm not sure of the term) kasi OC ako. Gusto ko lang nasa isang lugar lahat. Haha. Ang babaw. To my blogger friends, see you in multiply. =)

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