Saturday, August 26, 2006


And everybody else seems so trivial and plain compared to him. He is not exceptionally intelligent but he has his way of making up for that. Or maybe my qualifications ain't that deep. I'm such a sucker for people who can carry theirselves very well. He does that with so much class. I don't like him at first, but the way he treated me that night made me feel otherwise. Power is a great aphrodisiac according to my friend. I've proven that.. I'm drawn to him now. I thought R's commanding personality is way above everybody else... until M came into my life.

He's a tough act to follow. Now, falling for someone seem as impossible as travelling back in time. So why not fall for him instead? He's out of my league and getting serious with him would mean headaches and endless paranoia. Much as his personality is enchanting, I can't even begin to imagine what I'd be feeling the moment he's not by my side. There have been a LOT of girls involved with him. And I'm not even expecting him to change because of me. That's another impossibility. Most women get trapped in that illusion.

I'm trying to erase him out of my life. I try my best to get interested with other people. Sadly, I can't seem to be mesmerized with anyone else. Even R can't live up to him. What do I do now? When every guy that comes my way seems to be getting better and better and yet they don't seem to be the serious type. He set the bar way too high... even I can't reach it anymore!

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