Thursday, November 2, 2006

now i know why

Apparently, the fascination on military runs in the family.

My mom's first boyfriend is a member of the airforce.

Huwat? I almost fell off my seat... laughing.

She even told me that she so loves the military wedding rites!

She finds the sword thingie quite amusing.

So, will my mom's dream wedding come true?


Fat chance. :P

Or is it?


buffalo soldier said...

yehey!hehehehe i am willing to be one of the swordsmen on your wedding day..xempre noh, drawsword ako nyan kc fren kita at squad leader ko un...un nga lang army un...heheheh wag mo pigilan un sa dream nya maging scout ranger un ha...the training won't kill him...besides uuwi pa un sau...nyahahahahahahaha

yours truly,
boy abunda

berna said...

hahaha.. far-fetched. binawi ko lang sa huli baka kasi kainin ko na naman lahat ng sinabi ko. walang dream na mapipigilan kasi wala namang karapatan.. besides, di mo ba nabasa? airforce?? :p mr spark. umaasa pa rin. hehe..

yours truly,
kris aquino

jishinka said...

Funny. Seems like I am reading myself some months ago... Haha!