Monday, November 19, 2007

too good to be true

I knew it. It was just too good of a news to be true. J's 1 week training turned out to be a 3-month training which his "boss" didn't approve of. So now, he's ordered to go back to Nueva Ecija and join the rest of the batallion in their other training tomorrow. The location of which I can't reveal but it's far. They will be training there for 5 days lang naman. We're hoping the training would be for 3 days so he can still come home this weekend. Magpapa-ultrasound pa naman sana kami to know the baby's gender. Oh well! At least he had stayed 1 more day than the usual. =) I'm still grateful for that! Happy Monday everyone! I hope this week will be less stressful than what I had last week.

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jishinka said...

wow! ang friend ko, nagha-happy monday!ΓΌ bright ang week... i sent you an email. ;P