Thursday, November 1, 2007

brand new mrs!

I'm back! hahaha! Barely a week after the wedding and here I am blogging. I can't make this long though. Have to maximize hubby's vacation leave. I will post wedding kwentos and pictures soon. Ang masasabi ko lang, ang sarap magpakasal. Kakaiba ang feeling. We're still feeling the high from the wedding. We already got the raw pictures from our photographer. Ang dami! 3,500 pictures! Nalula kami sa kakatingin. Here's a sneak peek.

Catch you all again next time! =)


kiel said...

congratulations and best wishes.

may your marriage be a hundred times as grand as the wedding :)

we're sorry we couldn't come, it was for a good cause naman why we weren't able to make it.

God bless

anna said...

congratulations & best wishes! :) you're a blooming bride & mom-to-be! :)

stay happy!

berna said...

kiel: thanks! we understand naman why you can't come. =) sayang nga lang.. maraming naaliw dun sa consequences sa drawsword. hehe..

anna: thanks super! =) saw ur pix sa wedsite nyo, u were a blooming bride as well! asan ang honeymoon pix? :P

anna said...

thanks, berns! nasa multiply site yung bohol pics namin :)

post more pics! :)

berna said...

i'll post pics pag nasort out ko na silang lahat. ang dami e. ilang araw ko ng tinitingnan, isang cd pa lang ung nasosort namin. hehe.. =)

i'll look at your bohol pics. invite mo rin ako sa multiply. =)