Monday, May 19, 2008


Reason for the title: I only have one more week of maternity leave and I'm back in the office!!! =( I will miss my JB!

Not only that, I have tons of things to do for this week that I won't be able to do when I start work again.

1. Need to go to SSS to claim my card.
2. Go to LTO to get student's permit.
3. Finish JB's baptismal invitation.
4. Distribute the invitations (mostly via email) and confirm attendance.
5. Scout for souvenirs and gift favors for his godparents.
6. Finalize the pictures for our wedding album. (Waah! Long overdue na to! As in! Apparently, having too many pictures has some disadvantages as well. Hehe)
7. Pick out the songs for our wedding video. (Sabi naman senyo, I'm a chronic procrastinator!)

Hay ang dami! And I want to finish all these by Wednesday so I can take Thursday off and go to Pampanga to visit hubby. I was there for about 6 hours yesterday because he's missing me badly. Hahaha! The short hours are worthwhile but of course, it's not enough especially since we haven't seen each other for 2 weeks already. (Weekend leaves have been hard to come by lately.) He's also missing his "mini me" so much but I can't bring him along since he hasn't been baptized yet.

I just hope I'll have more than enough energy (and time!) to do all of the above in 3 days!


Trixie said...

hahaha. hubby's missing you badly ha! baka naman magkaroon agad ng mini berna sa sobrang pagkamiss sa isa't isa. wehehehe. =P

berna said...

in fairness napa-comment ka ha! hehe.. nagmamaximize lang ako ng leave kaya napupunta ako sa pampanga ngayon. ehehe.. pero no way na masusundan agad si jb! as in hindi pwede!! =)

Trixie said...

kelan naman naging balakid ang "hindi pwede" para mangyari ang isang bagay....


soloops said...


I came across your blog from Kiel's.

I hope that you wouldn't have such a hard time when you get back to work.

-From another military wife who suffers everytime deployment comes but who can't stop smiling when the men get a leave.

mai said...

hi berna, heard your back at work na. hope the separation anxiety attacks treating you not that bad. Ang hirap noh? Kung pede lang isama si baby sa office para di mahiwalay sayo hehe!

Kisses to baby jb. :)

berna said...

hi mai! =)
i was close to tears nung paalis na ko ng haus nung first day.. and i called the house a million times asking how jb is doing. hehe.. at nung sinabi ng daddy ko na jb woke up smiling, ay sus.. gusto ko na umuwi right there and then.

nwy, madalas yata kyo sa mall. =) kita tyo dun minsan. i'll bring jb. binyag na nya sa weekend kaya pwede na namin sha ipasyal. =)

Mai said...

Oo nga eh..for three consecutive weekends, laman ng mall si asher. Happy Christening to Baby JB! Ayan magiging gala na din yan hehe!