Friday, June 20, 2008

Daddy-less weekend

When you're battling for time against your very own country, how can you compete?

Sometimes, getting used to being with him regularly on weekends also has its disadvantages. I keep on forgetting that when you're married to someone of his type, being together is the unusual and not the norm.

Bleh! Maybe I'm PMS-ing. hehe.


Mai said...

Hugs sis, ang hirap nga ng ganyan for you and JB and I'm sure for your hubby as well. Until when ba siya madedestino dun? Hope ma-assign siya sa mas malapit para mas madalas niyo na siyang kasama.

berna said...

Thanks Mai! He's actually situated much much nearer. As in 1.5 hours travel time lang. I've just been used to us being together on weekends (if he can't come home, we visit him there in camp) kaya nagrereklamo ako ngayon. Meron kasi silang kelangan gawin sa weekend e. hehe.

soloops said...

Will do the tag today, Berna.

Maybe we can share tips on how to handle disappointments.

I was actually looking forward to J's vacation when Frank swept Iloilo where he's deployed. Before he even says it, alam ko na, di na naman matutuloy bec. they have to conduct massive relief ops. In the meantime, I have the flu maybe bec. of all the stress I've been handling lately.

Marnellie said...

tag mo din ako sis hehehhe

berna said...

sure marn. =) i'm tagging you on the mom post. =)