Friday, June 6, 2008

JB is finally a Christian!

He was sleeping all throughout the ceremony. Even when Holy Water was poured on his head, it didn’t bother him at all. The priest told us, "Sanay maligo". =) We're happy that many of the guests made it to the church. After some photo ops, we headed to Sumthin' Fishy in Eastwood for the reception. We were surprised as to how the place was decorated. It was way beyond J and I's expectations. Thanks to Miss Babes (one of JB's ninangs) for making sure everything is in order during the reception. JB finally woke up when we arrived in Eastwood and he greeted the guests with his killer smile. =) We noticed that JB enjoys it when he’s surrounded with a lot of people. Gusto nasa limelight! The reception finished at around 4 pm. Miss Babes was kind enough to let us stay longer. One lesson I learned though, on JB’s next big event (his first birthday), I will make sure to save more so we can hire a photographer. Ang konti ng pictures ko. =( hahaha! Cam-whore mommy talaga! Pictures saved in my multiply account.


Mai said...

welcome to the Christian world baby JB! ayan pwede ka ng gumimik! :)

Marnellie said...

Hi Berna..

Saw your blog from Keil's site. COngrats sa christening ng baby nyo. Hope to know you more.:) Be blessed!

berna said...

Hi marnellie. =) thanks for visiting! what's your site so I can visit you as well.