Friday, September 26, 2008

First stop: Baguio

We decided on the last minute to push through with our Baguio plans. After all, we don't get to have this long leave often. So, off to Baguio we went where we stayed for 3 days. J & I had a hard time packing our things. We were kidding each other that this is a dry run for the more gruelling task of packing for trip number 2.

JB behaved for most of the trip except when we were in Pangasinan where he got really cranky. This is probably due to the long drive as he's used to travelling for just 1-2 hours.

Baguio was a bit different from when we were last there. There are a lot of one-way streets now due to the worsening traffic situation. Upon arriving, we rested for a while and then proceeded to SM Baguio to buy some of JB's feeding needs and to meet up with J's mistah. We had dinner with J's foster family where the guys exchanged views regarding current situation in Mindanao and us girls played with the little ones (J's foster sister has a 3-year old daughter).

Day 2 was all pasyal. I will let the pictures tell the story.

pink sisters

butterfly farm in camp john hay

dencio's at john hay

PMA with Abits and Dolomente

shempre kelangan may picture sa mansion

sa park sa tabi ng mansion

We were dead tired when we headed back to the apartment. JB behaved the whole day, except for that inconvenient moment when he decided to poop while we were taking a tour in PMA. We had no choice but to change nappies in one of the benches there which were not so baby friendly. J's underclass was kind enough to help us change JB's diapers. Ang kulit kasi ng bulinggit.

We were set to go home on Day 3 but not without taking a quick stop to Mines View for some photo opps with the little one and then headed to Good Sheperd as husband is craving for their hindi mapantayan ube jam.

mines view

good sheperd

Our trip was full-packed but we were still able to relax. Who wouldn't be? With pine trees surrounding us and that cool breeze that only Baguio can provide, our work-related stress vanished in an instant. And Baguio was twice as fun now with our little JB and his little antics keeping us amazed and made us adore him all the more!

More pictures of our Baguio escapade here!


mommy kiel said...

kaya pala nakita daw kayo ng aking sister in law sa pma? sabi ko, "ha? talaga? nag-hop din sila?" hehe :p

anyhoo, how do you manage to take so many family pictures? did someone else go with you? kasi most of our pictures, if you'd noticed, either Arn or myself would be missing, kasi one of us would act as camera person... (madalas, ako yung walang pic kasi ang rason ko naman, the boys will see me everyday, but they hardly see their dad, so at least when they look at the pictures they'd know na their dad is still very much present in their lives, kahit ganun trabaho niya)

berna said...

gusto nga sana namin sumama sa hop. para libre dinner. hehe. ongaeh. andun pala ung sister in law mo. roger ako ng roger dun e may bisita pala sha. =)

ung mga family pix namin were taken by our driver. hehe. pawang student's permit pa lang ang lisensya naming dalawa kaya kelangan pa namin ng tiga-drive. minaximize na namin at ginawa naming photographer. pansin ko nga puros si hubby mo nasa picture. sabagay, at least man lang dun sa moments na nakauwi sha e macapture un. kaso sama ka din sa picture a. sayang ang beauty mo. =)

ung dependent's id ko pala. ayun. di pa rin ayos. hehe. may pirma pa pala na kelangan dun. gud lak. mukhang sabay na yata kami ni JB mag-aapply ng dependent's ID sa tagal namin asikasuhin ung sken. =)

mommy kiel said...

naks, sosyalin ha, may driver :)

re yung sa picture, oo nga e, minsan nagbibihis pa talaga ako ng bongga tapos wala rin pala akong picture... hehehe :p

soloops said...

now I get it why kumpleto kayo lagi sa pictures. like kiel, madalas ako yung missing sa pics, iba ang rason ko-it is I who can cajole my girls to smile, kaya kailangan sa harap nila ko, as photographer.

re:dependents' ID, uy, ako din, nag expire na and winala ni Faith (mahilig siya kumuha ng IDs sa wallet ko), kaya eto, I am filling up the form again. binigyan ako ng ultimatum ni J (to personally appear in VAB), hehe, kasi hirap kumuha ng timing sa office.

soloops said...

and btw, ok ah, may driver, sosyal.hehe.

berna said...

naku, hindi sosyal. hindi nga sosyal ung dinadrive e. hehe. need talaga sha kasi walang marunong magdrive sa pamilya namin. hindi rin marunong daddy ko. although nag-aaral na kami ni J ngayon para di na namin kelangan ng driver. target namin, by alumni homecoming marunong na kami magmaneho. =)

soloops said...

wow, ituloy mo yan berna. It's a life skill, which explains J's frustration that I don't have the guts to try learning how to drive again.

Wouldn't it be great if we're all in PMA next February?

berna said...

Yan nga sana ang next kong sasabihin. sana our schedules will permit us to all be there in Baguio sa Feb!

Takot din ako magdrive talaga. nag-aral nga ko, way back 17 years old pa ko pero hanggang ngayon di pa rin talaga ko makapagmaneho ng maayos. =) pero ngayon, kelangan na talagang matuto.