Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Last saturday, during JB's well-baby check up (he was also given his 2nd dose of pentaxime), the pediatrician advised us to start him on solids at 5 1/2 months. Now, I have more time to prepare for this monumental event in our sons life. =) As I searched the net on tips on preparing solids for babies, I stumbled upon www.wholesomebabyfood.com (got this site from a gtalker in femalenetwork.com). Just what I need to guide me on feeding JB. They have recipes there on how to make homemade baby foods and it has helpful tips on what to give baby as he grows.

As another preparation, we were initially thinking of buying a high chair for him then I recently learned of this!

It's a sort of high chair that you can strap on to practically almost any chair. And it's portable, you can bring it along when you travel! My magic word. Good for travel. So off I go to the mall later to search for that perfect booster chair for my growing boy. =)


Mai said...

Uy halos sabay pala sila ni Asher na start magsolids. One week na siyang into rice cereals tapos every other day. Yun ang instruction ng pedia pero next week, I'll start giving him vegetables na din.

Nice yung booster chair. Sabihan mo ako kung may makita kang ganyan. :)

Kisses to baby JB!

Insights from the Grocery Cart said...

Yup, a booster chair is the economical choice. Didn't get to buy one for Kuya. My cousin give me her old high chair. hehe. Almost all my baby things were hand-me-downs. Thank God for relatives. =P


mommy kiel said...


we never really used a high chair or booster chair for gael. what we used was his stroller kasi me lalagyan din naman ng food... portable din, kasi nga stroller naman :)

but you know, i've always been kuripot naman e... hehe :p