Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Pool Supplies for Staying Safe

One of the most important parts about enjoying your swimming pool is being safe. With the proper pool supplies designed for safety, you can be sure that your family and your visitors will stay safe. Here are some pool supplies you should have installed to ensure everybody's safety.

Safety Fences
A safety fence is one of the more important ways of keeping people away from your pool when you are not around. It helps prevent pets, children and others from getting too close to the pool without proper supervision. Most pool safety fences are also designed to be climb-resistant to prevent people from climbing it and taking a swim when nobody is around as well. Many pool safety fences are designed in such a way that they can be removed in case you decide to entertain adults around the pool for a party.

Pool alarms to go off when someone breaks the barrier where the alarm is set up. For instance, if you have your pool alarm attached to the gate leading to the pool, it will go off if someone opens the gate. Most alarms are completely portable and you can get a remote receiver that you can place anywhere in your home. These are ideal if you have small kids or pets that may get into the pool area without you knowing about it.

Safety Nets
A pool safety net works much like a pool cover. The net stretches to the length of the pool and it is designed to keep intruders out of your pool when you are away. You can get a net that is custom designed for your particular pool and they have a UV protection so it can stand up to the sun's harmful rays. The net attaches to the pool's anchors and it is easy to remove and replace for each time you use the pool.

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Gret article on Pool safety.

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