Friday, March 17, 2006

my third puerto galera

Yep. My third time there.. at hindi pa ko nagsasawa! Gusto ko pa rin bumalik. =) I think eversince nakarating ako dun last November 2004, every six months bumabalik ako. The beach is not that extraordinary but it's the people that makes it extra special and what makes me come back. Plus, there's this feeling that you can be who you want to be. It's like a paradise where you can fulfill your fantasies. You gain a different kind of confidence. It would be interesting to note though that my first 2 trips going there, I was nursing a broken heart. The 1st one was when the ex went abroad and the 2nd one was when we split up. This time, however, I was neither sad nor happy. I was in a neutral mode this time. =)

My latest trip in galera was a very relaxing one. I stayed there for 3 glorious days. No rush in doing things. We went out to the beach while the sun was setting and we just laid back there just relaxing. We're all so relaxed that the first night we were there, we were not able to go out on gimik. Nakatulog kaming lahat! The power nap turned out to be a power slumber. So we woke up the next day completely rested and raring to go snorkeling. It was my 2nd time to snorkel and unlike my first, I wasn't anymore panicky and managed to enjoy the corals and the fishes. We even went to this private beach, super ganda! I just stayed under the shade and emoted (haha!) while my friends tried to get a tan.

this is the life

On our second night, we made sure na makakagimik na kami. Just when I thought we will be ending the night early, somebody from the other table approached us and asked us if we can join them. I was hesitant at first kasi wala ako sa mood maging sociable that night and one of my friends was having problems with her bf. But then I thought, it will be a good way to widen our network. And so, we agreed. There were around 15++ guys in the table plus 1 girl but only 3 were talking to us. J, V and R I like J at first. Sha talaga ung tipo kong guy. Tall, white and thin (hmm.. sounds familiar? hehe..). But it was R who stole my attention away from him. R is more like me, only louder! He saw me at my worst but he still attended to me. He was kind enough to bring us back to our cottage. He attended to me while I was calling "uwaks" sa labas ng cottage namin. I didn't appreciate it that night. I kept thinking he's not a sincere person and he's just a play time kind of guy. But looking back I now appreciate what he did. No stranger has ever done that to me before and he even texted me the next day to ask if I was ok. I woke up the next day with a very bad hangover...swearing not to be near any alcoholic drinks in the next.. 2 days. =) The boat ride was a hell ride as I kept controlling myself not to vomit.

with my friend badet drinking the night away

Overall, it was one great vacation!! I was able to relax and I went back to Manila with a happy heart. It's the most interesting galera trip I've had so far. Come to think of it.. my trips to Puerto keeps getting interesting each time. Can't wait for the next one!! =)

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