Thursday, March 2, 2006


Maybe ang purpose lang talaga nya sa buhay ko is to make me realize why my former relationship was not what I needed. It may be something that I have wanted before mainly because of the comfort. I'm ok with comfortable love but having experienced a glimpse of what "mad" love is makes me think otherwise and I realized that I needed someone who is passionate. Someone who'll use more of his heart when it comes to me. I'm not saying I didn't like or regret everything that happened between me and the ex but now it hit me that I was always expecting more from him to be more irrational and less logical. Our relationship seemed perfect but it lacked passion. The relationship was always on the safe side. But I guess I'm not the right girl to bring out that passionate side of him. And now, amidst my confusion as to why this new guy left me hanging in the air, I realized that I really am over my previous flame. I never thought darating tong araw na to. That I can see clearly why it will never work out anyway. Why God decided that we're better off apart. Sobrang galing ni Lord... especially the way he makes me realize things. For that Lord, I am grateful.

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