Wednesday, May 3, 2006

taking risks

There are times when you really just have to know what's in store for you. Knowing you might regret it if you don't take the risk. I was curious. I took the risk. No regrets. Although the events following after are not exactly what I had in mind, still, I would have done exactly the same thing all over again. As said in one of my emails.. "While our decisions may not always lead us to what we thought we wanted, we always end up with what will ultimately make us happiest."

This incident did not make my behavior do a 180 degree turn but it's very enlightening to know that I am capable of such "illogical" behavior. That I am capable of just going with my guts and trusting that this is what's supposed to happen. There is a purpose for everything. There are no accidents. And I trust that this recent happening in my life was included in God's grand plan for me.

What's next? I'm really dying to find out. Life seems to be getting more exciting by the moment. =)

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