Thursday, July 20, 2006

breathing space

I finally have some time to breath. The past few days seemed like a blur. I didn't know how I managed to pull through those tight deadlines, endless meetings and midterms in school! I can feel my head starting to ache due to tremendous stress. I slept for the past days with my stat book serving as my pillow and then waking up with a feel of a rock on my head and trying to pull myself together amidst all the things to be done. This is not the last of it though. I'm actually in the first stages of a very busy month ahead. All the energy-reviving activities I've done in Cebu are now totally gone. I need another vacation to make up for the stress this week. I'm so looking forward to weekends when I can finally get my 10-hour sleep!


I'm missing someone right now. Life seems a little more exciting when he's around but I don't want to exert any effort anymore. I'm done with all his games and maybe I'm back to my cautious self. I've been possessed by my "id" the past months--the one which doesn't think and just goes for anything. I'm starting to step on the brakes as one friend has already expressed worry. I'm trying to change some of my principles a little bit. Just a little. I don't want to turn into ms. safe all of a sudden. I will still be taking risks, but with more thought before the plunge. =)

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