Friday, July 28, 2006

trips, trips, trips

This is supposed to be a record of all my travels but the past few entries have been all emotional. So now, I'm recalling the past major trips I had for the past two months. Actually, there's only two. My Subic trip with tuknene and the much awaited Cebu getaway with my officemates.

Here's the pix from the Subic Trip last June.

Highlights: yummy bibingka at the bus stop, 7-hour nonstop chitchat, rain in the beach, interesting foreigners, andoks midnight snack, gian's "surprise" visit, KAYAK!, racing, big breakfast at bart's, hilarious tahong story and going straight to UP's isawan after a 3-hour trip.

And here some of the pix from Cebu:

Trip Highlights: plane ride of course! laughing over meals that take hours to prepare. yummy lechon. dangerous ride to "tops". the view at "tops". sutokil. tambuli beach. 400 peso buffet that I did not enjoy due to stomach pains. busog-meals not exceeding 150 pesos. 2 straight gimik nights. danggit! 3-hour waiting time due to delayed flights and laugh trips that never cease.

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