Friday, October 27, 2006

running away

When I get really frustrated, sometimes I just want to turn my back and give up. The other night, I was contemplating on the idea of going to Baguio alone and untraceable. I feel like I want to take a breather from all these. My emotional wellness has been going down the drain these past few days. I was even close to calling this someone from out of the blue. He will surely be surprised if I did call--with matching tears pa. Good thing I let the emotion pass by, otherwise God knows how I'll be emotionally unstable after that.

Point is, I've run out of possible solutions. I'm tired trying to fix some dysfunctional aspects of my life. Heck, maybe I'll just let it remain at chaos. Maybe I'm not really meant for a peaceful and simple life.

With no answers in sight, running away seems to be the only plausible solution.

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