Wednesday, January 3, 2007


This has been the most amazing, enlightening, mind-boggling, earth shaking year i ever had so far!

I've accomplished a lot of things this year. Met lots of great people. Been to amazing new places. I did a lot of firsts this year. And as I've always said, this year had been one heck of a ride. I'm so grateful for everything.. good and bad alike. I feel more mature and stronger this time around.

So many things have happened and here are the highlights (in random order) of this tough-to-beat year:

1) Finally seeing the light after a long dark journey.. :P

2) Meeting that stranger who helped me see that light.

3) Bumming around in Kharen's apartment.. pure bliss!

4) Instant overnights!

5) Finally got to travel out of Luzon... twice! ain't that sweet?

6) 3 fun-filled, no-work-in-mind days in Cebu with my officemates.

7) Getting to a glorious island after a near-death experience. The destination is worth the dangerous ride.

8) Beach bumming.. heaven!

9) Crossing that damned bridge which explained everything about my lovelife.. teehee..

10) Sauna room in Subic

11) Discovering the best places to eat.

12) Kayak!

13) Starting my MBA class.. and loving it!

14) Meeting the benchmark.

15) Finally recognizing my turning point after a lot of pseudo-turning points.

16) Taking too much risk.. still no regrets though! I learned from each experience.

17) 4 is the magic number baby.. and all 4 can run well.. :P

18) Batallion hop..

19) Island hopping, snorkelling and beach bumming... in bohol!

20) my 4th puerto galera trip in one word: enlightening

21) finally taking the plunge.. :P

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