Wednesday, May 9, 2007

bora part 2?

My friend texted me early last night inviting me to go to Boracay on June 7-10. Accomodation will be free since I will be sneaking in their room. Hehe. The invite is sooooo tempting. I enjoyed my holyweek getaway there and a part 2 a month later is an offer I can't hardly resist. But I have to consider my expenses as well. There are still a lot of out of town trips lined up for the coming weeks and I still have to consider our Palawan trip on September that I have to save up for.

Haaay! Anybody willing to sponsor me? Hehe.. Pengeng pera! =P


jishinka said...

sama ako... =)

berna said...

haha! tara! pero pramis malapit na kong maging mahirap kaka-out of town. hehe.. and i'm not usually matipid pag nasa galaan ako. nwy, gusto ko mag-dive. ms pinky told me around 1,000++ lang pala ung mga dive nyo sa puerto. =P