Thursday, September 27, 2007


This is one of our pre-nup pix.

So if there's a "pre-nup", then there must be a "nup".

Yep! I'm getting married! This has been my long overdue announcement. I have to make sure everything is settled (read: distribute the invitation to my officemates) before I make this big announcement.

One more month to go! =)


Trixie said...

wehehehe... pigil na pigil i-blog ang news na itoh! buti nacontain at hindi pumutok somewhere.

ayan na... this is really is it!

berna said...

hahaha! korek! kating kati na kong ibalita yan.

today is the perfect day. haha.. less than one month to go na pala. nyaiks! gud lak to me! =)

jishinka said...

finally! :p

marie said...

best wishes :)

berna said...

thanks ana! how was your wedding? =)