Tuesday, September 4, 2007

BER na!

On my way home yesterday, I heard one of the saddest songs ever written. "Pasko na Sinta Ko" by Gary V. Yep. Just the melody of this song is just plain..sad. Anyway, my point is Christmas is coming soon! Yey!

I just love, love the holiday season. Mainly because everybody seems to be on a light mood and people tend to be kinder to each other. Except for taxi drivers who turns extra greedy and extra picky during the mad rush for Xmas shopping.

Xmas will be very different this year. I kinda want to celebrate it away from the city. As much as city celebration is colorful with all the lights, this time I want to take it slow and not jump from one party to another. Hopefully, J & I can spend xmas in J's hometown in Iligan. If his commander permits him to take a leave by then.

I'm excited on this holiday season. My gut is telling me that this will be one very meaningful Christmas. =) Let the countdown begin!

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