Thursday, October 18, 2007

as the day draws near...

Ulk! I think I'm finally having the wedding jitters. I apologize if my last entries have been about mushiness, weddings and everything related to it. Well, it has consumed most of my time lately. And right now, it's all I can think about!

No, this feeling is not about commitment phobia or something to that effect. I'm very very sure of my decision to marry J. I'm so looking forward to the day I become Mrs. Bernadette G. Moldez. It's just that I feel like we still have a lot to do for the wedding! Aaargh! I don't know if I have covered everything already. I'm not an OC bride but I do wish to have a smooth-flowing and hassle free day come October 26.

I feel like we've already accomplished most of the aspects of the wedding but it seems like there are still some things missing.

To add to my anxiety, my vacation next week is still not final. I initially planned on taking my leave on the 23rd (when Trixie's back from Aus) but my regional officer is suddenly flying in from Taiwan on 22 and will not be leaving until the 24th! Ack! Talk about a nice wedding gift! So I'm still not sure if my local boss will allow me to take my leave on 23. Wish me luck!

J, on the other hand, starts his leave today! Haha.. Officially, his leave starts on Saturday (Oct. 20) but he was allowed to come here in Manila today! Yipee! He was even telling me that his batallion commander and ex-o have been wondering why he's still there in camp when he should be taking a leave already! Ang bait! Napahaba tuloy ang bakasyon nya! =)

Another blessing for us is the loooooong vacation on the last week of October. Oct 29, Oct 31 (half day), Nov. 1 and 2 are all declared non-working holidays! That means, I don't have to leave without pay (because I've already consumed most of my vacation leaves during the first half of the year!).

I'm grateful for his extended vacation and my extra days off but I still can't shake off these anxiety attacks! Hay!

The major thing I have to accomplish today is our misallete! Ayayay! I've been putting it off for days! Now I have to cram!

Can you tell that I'm starting to be incoherent! Grrr... Good thing "baby roger" (our term of endearment for our baby) is cooperating pretty well lately. No more bouts of vomitting and food sensitivity! My appetite is back!! Woohoo! I'm trying to gain back all the pounds I've lost for the past week. I just hope I don't go overboard! Last time I had my gown fitted, it was a bit masikip na! Hehe..

Anyway, thanks for letting this jittery bride vent out her anxieties! Ganito naman yata talaga pag malapit ng ikasal! *breath in, breath out*


JAm said...

ei berna! so today's the day. congratulations on your wedding. :)

berna said...

thanks jam! =) musta na? nasa gma ka na? =)