Monday, December 3, 2007

baby roger

After months of speculation and lots of opinion from people around us, we now know our baby's gender! We went to my OB for my 3rd ultrasound last saturday and...

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The doting father can't contain his happiness when the sonographer (o sonologist? hehe) confirmed to us that we're having a son! J's dreams of teaching our baby all the possible sports (mind you, kulang na lang ituro nya pati shot put!) he can teach will now become a reality.

For some weird instincts, I always knew (way way before I got pregnant) that I'll be having a son for my firstborn. Hehe.. I guess my instincts were right. =)

More than our excitement on seeing our baby again, it was a relief knowing that all his body parts are complete and intact. We had a Congenital Anomaly Scan with the ultrasound and the doctor said that everything is pretty normal. Our son's estimated weight right now is around 1.3 lbs and the doctor said that it's the average weight for a baby on its 23rd week. Although, from what I've been reading, the baby should only be around 1 lb. So I'm really happy with how he's growing inside me. Also, baby roger has been really active lately especially at night. His movements can now be felt from outside unlike before that I was the only who can feel it.

I already have a name in mind for the baby but I'm not revealing it just yet because J is not that happy with it. I want a Spanish name for our baby but he wants a mix of Spanish and English name. Ang gusto ko kasi ung tipong parang haciendero ang dating ng pangalan ng anak ko! Kahit walang hacienda. Hahaha! Does anyone have any suggestions? =)

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congratulations! :)