Thursday, December 6, 2007

i am blaming hormones for this

I am a risk taker. The courage to take risks comes with the idea that I can always get myself out of a situation when things get a little too messy for me. I realized that as I grow older and as situations get different (and more complex), I can't easily disappear in oblivion. I can't just boot myself out of frustrating situations. Because doing so can cause pain to people who matter to me.

Every challenge that come my way has always empowered me. Until now. Because now I feel my actions are limited. I feel like I'm strapped. That I can't do anything. I cannot even go to the nearest haven and let the waves wash off my frustrations.

Most days I'm happy. But there will always be days like this when things just don't seem to fall in its right place. I'll get over this.

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