Friday, December 14, 2007

holiday fever

Ugh! I'm too lazy to work. Holiday season + Pregnancy = Laziness at its finest! Hahaha! So here I am blogging. I'm actually drafting my posts for our love story, wedding kwento and my baby stories. But I'm still not done so here I am posting random thoughts again.

We just had our annual Christmas party at Hotel Intercon last night and you know what they say about pregnant people--that we guys are lucky! Indeed, after 5 Christmas parties, I finally won a prize in the raffle (and a major one at that!). Hah! I won a Ps 4,000 worth of Sodexho gift certificate. Not bad for someone who's so unlucky at raffle draws. This gift certificate just came in time with all the purchases we need to do before our bundle of joy arrives. Only 3 more months to go and we have to start preparing his things bit by bit.

Besides winning the raffle last night, it was also the first Christmas party that I wasn't able to enjoy the party that much. Huhu. I couldn't drink, I couldn't dance! Waaah! It was plain torture. I usually get wasted during these times and I am also one of the last ones to leave the party. But last night, I was forced to just sit down while the band is playing great great music with my mango juice on my right hand. Sigh. Maybe this is the reason why I was given one of the major prizes in our raffle. Hehe.. Hopefully, next year... I get to party hard and I get to win too! Haha.

I will post pictures of the anime-themed christmas party in my multiply account as soon as my officemates start uploading the pix. I used to get by without a digicam since most of the people around me have their own cams already. Besides, not having your own digicam meant more pictures on other people's camera. Hehe. So I never felt the need to buy one. Except now that baby Roger is coming. I can't constantly borrow my friends' cameras when our little boy starts walking, eating, or does anything amusing. Camera has now become a necessity for us so it's also part of the budget for the "things to buy" before the baby gets out. Ang gastos!

Anyway, it's nearing 5 o'clock already and I'm planning to get out of Makati early because most probably there are LOTS of Xmas parties today and trafik will just get worse as the night progresses. I shall sign off now. Happy weekend everyone!

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