Thursday, January 3, 2008

welcome 2008!

I drafted my Xmas entry last week but decided to not publish it since it's old news already. Hehe.. So I'll just try and squeeze in Xmas and New Year stories in this entry. Well, Xmas was relatively relaxed. We maximized J's one-week break which started last Dec 21. It was his birthday last Dec 22 so we celebrated it with a church visit and a simple dinner at Trinoma. He slept the whole morning so I was able to give him my surprise discreetly while he was sleeping. He woke up with my gift staring at him. Hehe.

We spent Christmas Eve at home here in Quezon City. Before, we planned on going to Iligan so he can finally show me the place where he grew up. However, now that I'm pregnant, we decided to postpone this trip to September this year when his kuya arrives from Saudi. Excited pa naman sana ko sa famous falls ng Iligan. We almost slept through Christmas eve since we were tired the whole day. Good thing, mother-in-law called and greeted us Merry Xmas so that woke us up.

J went back to camp dawn of December 28. We were still crossing our fingers then that he will be able to sneak out of camp on Dec 31 so we can spend New Year's together. However, when he went back they were on red alert so we decided that I'll just have to go there in N. Ecija to celebrate New Year's eve. It was indeed a different experience staying in their camp. Stripped off of distractions we have here in the city, I found their camp relaxing to stay to. Their batallion planned a small feast inside camp. There was even a chocolate fountain provided by a wife of a mistah. However, their ex o called them and asked them to hear mass by 10 pm because the commanding general of their division will be there too. And there will be medya noche served afterwards (still with the commanding general). And so I was dragged along to this "duty". Their celebration isn't that bad, I just missed all the loud firecrackers because it's not allowed inside camp.

We went back to the barracks at around 1 am. By this time, no one is in the mood to continue the batallion celebration anymore so we decided to hit the sack. The next day, J took me to Pahingahan. A place inside camp that has a lake. It was beautiful and the place of the name speaks for itself. I can practically stay there all day and just stare at the beautiful scenery. J said there used be jetskis for rent but for some reason, the place was not maintained anymore. I really don't mind. I liked the place without the jetski anyway. It would have ruined the calm of the lake.

So there goes my holiday. Ang bilis! Lech. Sana laging na lang bakasyon. =)

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