Thursday, July 3, 2008


edited: with pictures

I'm stealing some office time to blog. =) My to-do list this morning is so long. Just looking at it makes me tired already. Fortunately, I was able to scratch off a lot of tasks in my list.

I've been neglecting this blog again. Blame it on the office internet. For some reason, posting pictures in blogger was disabled so everytime I'll post, I get discouraged since I can't post pictures.

Our little boy experienced a lot of firsts the past month. Since he's already baptized, we have been tagging him along everywhere we go. We already spent a 3-day weekend in daddy's camp (his first out-of-town trip).

He was able to go malling already.

We brought him in Ocean Park (although we're planning to go back again when he's much older so he can appreciate it).
He also experienced his first evacuation. Hehe. Frank made his presence felt as our house got flooded and we were forced to go to a friends house (JB's ninang). Fortunately, the flood subsided fast and we were able to go home that same day. On to some more of JB's milestones...he can already support his head and I think he's already teething (aga noh?) since he's so fond of putting his hands in his mouth with vigorous sucking involved. Hay. He's growing up so fast. He turned 3 months last week.

As for me, I have finally adjusted to my work life again. I've been bothered with some personal issues lately (i'm not dwelling into details and I'm not blaming this on hormones). On my way home yesterday, I was pondering on these issues again. I had so many questions in mind. As I entered the cab, I think God talked to me directly and told me the answers to my questions. The driver's radio was tuned in to some religious station. The preacher seemed like he's talking to me directly. Wow. I got teary-eyed while listening. Amazing how God works noh?

Anyway, I will try to edit this blog at home to insert pictures of JB's "firsts". Uwian na! =)


Mai said...

hi berna! oo i took mosegor before..and effective naman siya sakin nun. Just forgot ilang pounds ang na-gain ko nun :)

I tried googling mosegor as well..yan tuloy napabasa din tuloy ako sa mga lumang blog entries ko sa blogger ko hehe!

With regards to your entry, pag may emergency or evacuation ulit at weekend, punta lang kayo sa house. Lumayo pa kayo. Speaking of teething, naku feeling ko si Asher din..grabe maglaway..naka-bib lagi para may pamunas. Balde-balde kasi eh. Tapos kung ano mahawakan derecho sa bibig. At kung la magawa, ayun 2 buong kamay halos kaya isubo. Hehe! Uy di pa nagkikita sina JB and Asher.. :)

Marnellie said...

Sis, Bumili ka ng teether. Heheh. I used Pegion teether. Its nice.:) 2 months pa lang anak namin nung start ng teething eh hehehehe