Thursday, July 24, 2008

waking up for daddy

Last week, J had some errands to do here in Manila and decided to take a short visit (read: 30 mins stay) so his troops can rest and for him to see JB and me (hehe) even for a short while. The time: 1 am in the morning. Naturally, our dear son is already sleeping by this time (e pati nga ako dapat tulog na rin nito). J hurriedly went to JB when he arrived and tried to wake him up. Half-asleep, JB stared at this uniformed man holding him and upon recognizing that it's daddy, gave him a faint smile. As usual, JB received tons of kisses from daddy and this probably fully woke him up. J showed our little one to his troops and being the entertainer that our son is, gave his sweetest smile to our guests. He didn't get cranky at all. He was so behaved and was even telling stories to daddy but it was obvious that he was sleepy as he was yawning in between smiles and blabs. As soon as J left, he went back to sleep. It was as if our son already understood what was happening. He made every moment of daddy's short visit worthwhile. On his way back to camp, J texted me that his down spirits were revived upon seeing me (hehe again) and our smiling son.

JB is turning out to be one affectionate kid. And tomorrow, he turns 4.


Marnellie said...

sis? 4 years old or 4months? confused tuloy ako hahahaha... Thats good. Ang mga nakaw na sandali ay sadyang TREASURE talaga hehehehe Im happy for you sis!:)

Mai said...

aww...kilala na niya daddy niya.

Ngapala, anong first ever comfort toy ni JB, pls answer through this tag:

Carol said...

haaay...every moment counts in the military.

soloops said...

Buti naman at di na 'low-morale' ng daddy ni JB.

I sometimes rib J whenever the visits at ungodly hours happen (kadalasan galing pang Visayas, sumaglit lang sa bahay from Villamor), na pang mistress yata ang mga dalaw ng mga sundalo. haha.
Kakaawa lang sila kasi puyat na puyat pag nagkakaganyan, pero ok lang daw kasi nakita ang mga mahal sa buhay.