Tuesday, August 7, 2012

SONA 2012 on GDP

SONA 2012 on GDP

The State of the Nation Address is an annual requirement that every president of the Philippines should comply to. It is required to be done every fourth Monday of July. Last Monday (July 23, 2012), President Aquino delivered his third SONA to the Congress of the Philippines at the Batansang Pambansa Complex.

He got applauded 120 times which was really a greater number than his previous SONA applauds.
His speech was 8890 words. President Aquino’s speech this year was criticized both positively and
negatively by a lot of officials and citizens of the country. He gave numbers that were questioned by
some officials. They even wanted to have a research on the numbers and data that the president stated.

“Nitong first quarter ng 2012, ang GDP growth natin, 6.4 percent; milya-milya ang layo niyan sa mga
prediksyon, at pinakamataas sa buong Southeast Asian region;” Aquino said. This was one of his data
statements that received tons of criticisms from everyone that is concerned.

But if you will get to analyze the numbers, 6.4% growth is already a huge number. For a country with
millions and millions of people, that is already considered as a good growth change. Take yourself as
an example, there are things that you want to change from yourself but it gives you a hard time in
accomplishing it. So what more if you have to change millions of people? Every Filipino plays a vital role in this country. President Aquino’s speech consists of things that he wants for the betterment of the country. If every citizen will get to support him, he might as well report greater growth change. Let us all do our part in this country and not just criticize everything that the President says or does. If you want change, let is start within yourself.

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