Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Batman: The Dark Knight Rises

Batman: The Dark Knight Rises

Over the years, Batman has been loved by people of all ages from all over the world. Batman started as
a superhero in comics and then brought to the movie industry by director Christopher Nolan. Although
there are rumors that he will not be directing another batman movie anymore, still the audience goes
wild for more.

The movie itself heightened the audience’s craving and surpassed their imaginative expectations.

It became a hit from the first day it was shown in cinemas and until now. Bruce Wayne rested for 8
years in the trilogy and the appearance of his new villains and allies was completely immersing for all
the fans. The graphics and cinematic effects were all outrageously astonishing. It was a movie that
will put you right into the heart of the action. If you have watched the movie, you can really say that
they worked extra hard to capture their audience’s feeling for the last time. The movie was really an
epic one that it received standing ovations. Fans are still hoping that Christopher Nolan would still do
another batman movie although the batman saga has ended. Of course, it doesn’t mean that director
Christopher Nolan’s career is only tied with Batman. He had also made other great movies like Memento and Inception. Let’s just wait and be surprised of other movies that he will be directing, it will surely be a hit like his award-winning movies before.

If you still haven’t watched it yet, you still have the chance! Head down now at your favorite cinemas. Batman: The Dark Knight Rises is still showing.

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