Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Myrtle and Yves – PBB power couple

The love team of PBB Teen Edition Big Winner, Myrtle, and ex-housemate Yves Flores which is also known to teenagers and fans as “MyrVes” has still been one of the trending topics in today’s showbiz
industry. Even though their love team has received tons of criticisms, they are still tagged as the PBB
power couple of this year certainly because they have more supporters than haters. Their love team
name “MyrVes” always grabs a spot in the trending topics in twitter which even trends worldwide most
of the time!

These two young adults are always seen together everywhere, from TV talk shows even to public
places. Their love team really brought spice inside the PBB house. Lots of intriguing moments happened including the appearance of Yves Flores’ ex-girlfriend, Kim Balot. The two young ladies were seen crying inside the PBB house and Yves was really troubled in the situation he is in. A lot of people got confused and posted criticisms on different social networking sites. It is good to know that they got to fix those issues despite of the tension inside the PBB house. Although their love team went through ups and downs, their couple cuteness is still standing strong until now. They are the teenage crowd’s best bet from all of the PBB teen couples.

Myrtle and Yves were last seen on television as guests in Vice Ganda’s show, Gandang Gabi Vice. Lots of compromising and sweet questions were thrown to both of them. One of the memorable questions was when Vice Ganda asked Myrtle why she never had a boyfriend. Myrtle stated that she is focusing more on important stuffs and then a very sweet question was thrown to Yves. Vice Ganda asked Yves if he will still court Myrtle despite of the statement she just made and Yves sweetly answered “Yes” and when asked how long, answered “Forever”. The crowd went wild after hearing those words.

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