Friday, May 5, 2006

getting serious

I received a call from la salle yesterday telling me that I can now enroll for their 1st term. There would be a career consultation on May 8 and enrollment is on May 13. Classes will start May 22. Seems so near. And I haven't fully decided yet if I really want to pursue graduate studies. I just took the exam to somehow take the 1st step without deciding if I will take it all the way. I know my social life will have to take a backseat from here on but then again I would be meeting lots of new people in my classes.

My fear is that I might not have enough will-power to finish this 2 1/2 year course. It's all or nothing. If I will start this I have to finish, otherwise it will just be a waste of time.

The thing is, this is the only hard proof that I am getting serious with my life. People often regard me as a happy-go-lucky type of person and I am, but I do have goals in life as well. I dream of big things and I know that there's no shortcut to success but 2 1/2 years is far too long for me considering the impatient person that I am. I don't know. Maybe it will be worth it. I'll probably test the waters to see what's waiting for me there. Wish me luck.

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