Thursday, May 18, 2006

gusto kong mag-swimming..

Haay.. I miss the beach. I wish I can just pack my bags and lie on the sand! Lately, it has been raining so no one is actually in the mood to plan any beach trip for the weekend. I'd be going to Subic (again!) though on the first week of June to celebrate one my friends birthday. I just wish the sun is shining that day otherwise our planned watersports activities may not push through.

This has been a stressful week. Deadlines, meetings, reports! It's just so tiring. I do want a new job pretty soon I just don't have enough drive to search for one. I can't even go online during weekends as I usually spend it out of town or chitchatting while binge-eating with friends.

My classes will start next week. I'm excited and scared at the same time. Para akong ikakasal! Not that I've experienced getting married. Anyway, I'm really looking forward to meet lots of interesting people there. Most of my friends are actually teasing me that I may find "the one" in one of my classes. Honestly, I'm not really expecting that. If I'd be able to meet someone there that would be great but I'm not keeping hopes up. I just don't want to set myself up to disappointments.

This has been an incoherent post. I just want to say... I need a vacation!!!

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