Thursday, May 11, 2006

something's wrong

I have a very different outlook lately. I don’t want serious relationships at the moment. I am only capable of entertaining Mr. Right NOW. I am ok with no-strings-attached type of relationships. Somewhere in the lines of "it's complicated" in friendster lingo. I think I have built invisible walls around me to not get emotionally involved with anyone. Perhaps the pain that I went through last year may be a reason why my beliefs are in total disarray. Don't get me wrong.. I am doing fine now. It's just that the thought of having to go through the same pain scares me to death.

I know my frame of mind is wrong. I just can’t help it. There are some lessons in life that you don’t forget. And this lesson in love I learned the hard way. Maybe I'm not ready to take that big leap of giving my heart away again.

I still would want to believe in happy-ever-after, magic, soulmates and “the one” but for now.. guys would have to exert a lot of effort convincing me to take the plunge. I do like the attention I'm getting every once in a while. Maybe it's not yet time to be serious with this lovelife stuff. But then again, someone can just change my mind. =)

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