Tuesday, June 12, 2007

renewing ties

After J's 3 month extended vacation. He's now in Nueva Ecija undergoing yet another training before going to the real battlefield. Since I now have so much time in my hands, I tried to put my life back together again. Not that it was ruined when J was here. I somehow set aside other aspects of my life just so I can maximize my time with J. When he was here, I almost always leave the office by 5:30. Leaving me with too much pending work. So I went to the office last saturday to make up for that. I still have a lot of things to do but I'm now trying to accomplish those one by one.

Next thing I did was to bond with my girl friends again. Bonding time with them was also cut off because of everyday dating and weekends spent together with J. I still got to see them every once in a while during the past 3 months but it's not the same girl talk whenever our SO's are around. So, first thing I did was to meet up with my friend and spent the night in their house. Something I haven't done in ages.

With all the activities lined up for me and with all the plans waiting to be executed, this somehow lessens my loneliness and it's quite healthy that things are happening this way. My negative feelings are being translated to positive things. Which is good. For me and, I think, for our relationship. I realized I learned my lesson. The lesson that took a lot of tears. I can now see it's purpose. =)


kiel said...

hi berna

just keep busy

good thing about being military wives/girlfriends, we have lots of "me" time, we have lots of opportunities to improve ourselves, pursue our own dreams, have fun on our own and with other people aside from our SOs.

we don't get to be like other couples who tend to lose their individualities because they are always together.

keep yourself busy, work hard, party hard, study. find time too to build a close bond with kuya jessie, he's the only constant companion anyone of us will ever have.

before you know it, RnR's here :)

(hint: during trainings - i think they are undergoing PLC right now? -, they are most often allowed to go on weekend leaves...you'll still have another month pa together :) tapos niyan draw-lots kung san sila ma-aasign...pray hard that he doesn't get assigned to some far-off mountainous luzon place like aparri...)

btw, hubby is also in nueva ecija.

berna said...

hi kiel!

thanks ha. yep. he's in nueva ecija right now undergoing PLC. pero di pa yata sila nagsstart and according to him. mga 2 months pa sila dun. yey! 2 months na weekend girlfriend ako. hehe.. di yata sha sa part ng appari. 5th div yata un and he's under 7th div. he might be assigned sa zambales or somewhere in aurora. pero di pa rin ganun kalayo as far north.

di pa yata nya nakikita si arnie dun e. maxado malaki ang fort mag. hehe..

nwy, thanks ulit ha. sa words of encouragement. somehow you learn how to be strong and independent dahil dito sa situation natin.