Wednesday, June 13, 2007

off from work

I've been having neck pains since yesterday and I even have a small lump right under my left jaw. I was initially thinking alaxan will eventually make this go away but come late last night, I was already chilling with fever. I got alarmed and was asking everybody if this lump is mumps (beke). My tita was actually inisisting it is. And to further add to my dilemma, she had been stressing that beke will make me infertile. Huwat? I refuse to believe that and so I called my ever reliable friend with regards to the medical field (thanks Kharen!) and asked her if it was true. Apparently, it only applies to guys. Oops! So if ever I did have mumps, I can bid farewell to my weekend plans with J.

And so with still a slight fever, I begged off from work today and proceeded to see the doctor with my mom. I just heaved a sigh of relief when upon seeing the lump, the doctor's questions geared towards colds and tonsilitis. Apparently, the lump was too low to be mumps. A few weeks ago, I already had the worst case of tonsilitis and the company doctor advised me to take antibiotic for 1 week. When I was feeling a little better during the 3rd day, I stopped taking the meds. My druggist friend told me not to do that. The reason the doctor advised me to take it for 1 week is to make sure the bacteria will be completely gone because if my sickness reoccurs, the bacteria would now have antibodies for that medicine. So now, I am paying the price of my previous actions. The bacteria is still there and it caused this lump to form in my neck. The doctor gave me antibiotics again and this time, I swear, all 14 tablets will be consumed in a week. =)

Why am I still smiling despite being sick? Because it's not mumps! Because tonsilitis is better to deal with than to stay 1 week at home doing nothing so as not to contaminate anyone else. And this also means, weekend plans are still pushing through and the loads of work waiting for me at the office would not have to wait 1 week before it's done.

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jishinka said...

ay girl, take care of yourself. Mahirap magkasakit.