Thursday, August 30, 2007

feeling nostalgic

I so miss these guys! I chanced upon an old blog by a long lost friend (papang! nasan ka na ba? huling kita natin 2 months ago, di pa tyo nakapagkwentuhan!). When I read again the story of the group that made me look forward to weekends and the same group that made me appreciate going on trips with no planning, I suddenly slipped to nostalgic mode. We always had fun. We always go on out of town trips with no hotel/resort reservations or even a map. Just our instincts and the company of each other.

I'm still friends with them although I don't get to see them that much. Mga once every quarter na lang. Huhu. I miss them. Things have indeed changed. For all us. Payat pa kami noon! Haha. But I'm still glad that I have beautiful memories to look back to. Sana lang maulit ang mga ganitong pangyayari. =)

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