Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Hey, hey, hey! It's been almost 2 weeks since my last entry. I had to remove the dust and the spiderwebs that has been forming in my blog. Hehe.. Nwy, I still can't get the big news out. Maybe next time. I've already announced "the news" to most of my close friends and colleagues. I'll make my big announcement probably next week. Hopefully. ;P

So many things are happening. My world seemed to make a 180 degree turn. If my life was a roller coaster before, it's now more like I'm in the middle of a hurricane (exag!).

But I'm not really complaining. God has given me blessings more than I can imagine. I'm happy and contented with the way things are going. It's not picture perfect but I now know how to appreciate the things that come my way.

Before I forget, thanks to all those who remembered my birthday! I luv y'all! Mwah! Mwah! Even if my birthday was not as pleasant as my previous birthdays (don't really want to dwell on the details), I'm still blessed with a lot of things. And this is probably my most significant birthday. As said by one of my friends, He has given me the best gift. =)

On a sad note, I would like to extend my condolences to families and loved ones of those noble men who fought in Mindanao and who sacrificed their lives for our country. One of the casualties in the recent consecutive encounters in Mindanao is J's mistah. I actually accompanied J to the arrival honors of Lt. Charlie Camelon in Villamor Airbase last Aug 12. Charlie is actually the first casualty of the Maragtas class. (you can read his story here) I didn't know Hotdog (as his fondly called in PMA) personally. But when I saw his mom, my heart wept. Even more when I saw J and some of his mistah discreetly wiping their tears. It was indeed a sad moment. Something that I'm hoping and praying I won't witness again. J and I are just praying for Lt. Camelon's soul and the 4 junior officers who were J's upper class men (their story here). May they all rest in peace.


jishinka said...

finally! i miss you so burns!

well, midterms is taking me away (which by the way I enjoy amid all the sleepless nights and pressure).

J is so blessed to have you by his side at such moment of grief.

Sulat ka pa, neng a. :)

Catch you again next time. :D

berna said...

di pa rin ba tpos ang midterms mo?? magfafinals na nga ko nxt week e. hehe..

di ka ba bibisita dito sa office? miss na kita.. =)

jishinka said...

Last na ung exam ko tomorrow (Thank you Lord!). Mejo na move kasi ng move dahil kina Chedeng at Edong.

Kelan ba ako bibisita? Umn... Di ko alam pa e.

Basta! I'll see yah! Mwah mwah!